Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas...still there was something missing!!

As you get older  the celebration of Christmas  changes!  I found myself saying that it did not seem like Christmas and I could not put my finger on it.  Yes, none of my children where here but we were able to spend the holiday with friends, my son-in-law and 2 of my grown grandchildren.
                                ...... Still there was something missing !

I decorated the house from head to toe, lights everywhere!  I put lights around the house, lighted wreaths on the doors, wrapped the pillar with lights, put lights in the bushes and on Christmas Eve lined the  driveway with candles!  The couple next door joined in and we had a beautiful Christmas duplex! Turned the lights on... on Thanksgiving night!
                                .....still there was something missing!

I stood in front of Walmart and handed out "comfort shawls" which I had crocheted.  The shawls were beautiful!  They were made with bright fun colors that made me smile to look at them.  There was a nice fringe on the shawls which gave a calming glow.  It was nice to be able to do that  and see how much it meant to the people who took the shawls.   Next year I will make more and make a small difference in a few more lives!
                                ,,,,, still there was something missing!

One  day I made my way to our coffee group and I wore my Santa hat!  We handed out cards to the staff  and had a fun time both with our friends and the other people in Starbucks.   Off to Quick Trip to get refueled and then we met my grandson for lunch!  I was really trying to feel the Christma spirit.
                                .....still there was something missing!

I played Christmas music, danced to " I want a hippopotamus for Christmas ", and spent a week trying to download Christmas ringtones!  I said my prayers for all those who are sick, for those  who are lost and those  who have died and their families and prayed for peace!
.....still something was missing!         

My daughter, who is on active duty in Washington D.C. helped lay wreaths on the graves at Arlington National Cemetery.  I wished I could be there helping her to make a difference...but I am too old to be climbing up and down on a semi truck! lol! I am so proud of her and the job she is doing!
.....but still there was something missing!

Well, tonight it hit me....what is missing are the children!  The children with their dancing eyes, their impish smiles and their sense of wonder and innocence!  Then my mind went, once again, to the children of Newtown and their families and their friends and all who are mourning the loss of the children and adults who have died during this holiday season and their loved ones..  My heart goes out to all who have lost children and loved ones this holiday season. Knowing that the children and especially the children of Newtown are what are missing this Christmas, I will never forget them and will honor them each Christmas to keep their spirits alive! I know what was missing this Christmas!

God  Bless!