Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

By now you know that I did not write a blog yesterday.  So, lucky get 2 days for the price of one!

Yesterday started with a visit to Paradise Bakery where we shared a bagel.  It was okay but did not come close to the old Starbucks pumpkin loaf.  In fact it is a disappointment   After coffee we ran over to see Rosine so that we could go home and sew on our projects.

Rosine had just had her shower and was all ready to go to lunch.  She looked very pretty!

Friday morning, bright and early, Joshua and Mark took off for San Diego.  They arrived there about noon and they were to go to the airport around three to pick up Tami, who was flying in from the east coast. I am not sure where the boys are or what they are eating but they are enjoying the water!

Well, now I see that they are at Seaport Village and this is when they took the picture below!  Poor Joshua has lived in Phoenix for 2 years and
 this is the first time he has been able to make it over to San Diego.  I hope he has a good time!  It is very warm over there!

Tami took this picture on the bay at Seaport Village.  Vicki and I have never seen it....WOW! sure is a big reminder of all the military in San Diego and in particular the military of WWII  Vicki and I will have to do down to Seaport Village and take a look at it the next time we go over there!

Rosine has been really looking good for the last several weeks.  It is nice having her laughing again!

Today was another day.  We went to Starbucks and did not see anybody.  After that we went and got our drinks for the day and came home and puttered around.  I finished the 1 hour quilt and it took me 3 days.  There is no way you can do it in an hour or less.  I think there are some things that they are not counting!
                                     My lines were pretty straight too!  I am getting better!

Today Joshua sent this picture of the TV room in San Diego to show us that they had moved the TV back to the other wall so that we can have the murphy bed installed when we go over there next time!  Thank you Mark and Joshua!

Vicki is working on a quilt and she got her pieces cut today to make 3 blocks,  We need to figure out how we can get the table up higher so it does not hurt our backs!

Vicki has wandered off to get her shower and I am about to wander to my chair and turn on the TV.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Run, run, run!

Today was very busy.  I talked to my sister Judy today and told her what we were going to do and then I said to you don't have to read the blog because you already know what we are going to do!  lol!

Did not get up until 9 am.  We went to Starbucks but did not see anyone we knew.  After coffee we went back to the quilt store....they did not have what I was looking for.  While we were in the shop, Joshua called and said he was already at the restaurant.  We had just finished our breakfast....we jumped into the car and ran to meet him...and what did we have to eat?  diet coke or 2 or 3!  No food....we weren't even finished drinking our protein drink from breakfast!

                           This is the statue in front of Abuelos Mexican Restaurant!

Joshua was filling us in on all the happenings of his life!

At 5:30 we met Mark and Aaron for dinner at Oggiesfor dinner.  We went to the one at 67th and the 101.  We took a box of linens, a sound bar and the rest of the Nutrisystems.  We only ate about 3 weeks of the food.  We ate all of the breakfasts and the desserts.  The sound bar and the linens are going to San Diego with Mark and Joshua.  They will be leaving tomorrow and Tami will fly in tomorrow afternoon.  Tami has been at corporate headquarters, in Minnesota,  this week.  The irony of this situation is that Tami will be changing planes in Phoenix!
The hair is looking much better....Mark said that he liked it!

Congratulations to Aaron!  Sept 4th Aaron starts to work at United Health Care.

Congratulations Mark!  Why are you congratulating me?  Well, I said....Aaron got a job!  lol!

Have a good trip and have fun!

Nobody told me that I am not going to San Diego!

After  lunch with Joshua Vicki and I ran down to 35th Sew and Vac, to get a part for my sewing machine and to look at more fabric!  Then we hopped into the car and ran north to see Rosine....this was not done without 2 stops at QT!

After we saw Rosine we went home for an hour and then packed up the car and ran to meet Aaron and Mark!

Now it is time to watch TV and go to bed!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Day!

Today we had to get up at 7:15 as the housekeeper came today....we had to clean house before
she got there to clean it!  lol!  Off we went to Starbucks and had our breakfast.  At 9 we went to the quilt store and I looked at the sewing machines.  Well, the one I really liked was $4K....more than a cruise....what does a blind person need with a $4K sewing machine anyway?  So, I settled for pattern for a tote bag.

After the quilt shop we went to Costco and got 4 items.  For some reason I did not sleep well again last night and woke up with a really sore back.  After we got home and had lunch, I took a Tylonol and took a nap in my chair.  Vicki went to meet her mom at the dentist.  When I woke up, my back was much better.

The cactus is still trying to bloom and one of the stalks is already back up to the roof!  Mark and Joshua are not going to be happy about this!

Iam so excited....I washed my hair and conditioned it again and now I actually have curls...I am still bald but you can't have everything!  lol!

Please keep our friend Roger in your prayers.  He has recently completed treatment for cancer and is doing quite well but was admitted to the hospital with a temperature and a racing heart.  We are thinking of you Roger and wishing you well!

See you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Slept in!

Well, here we are and we did not get up until 11:00.  Let me tell you how this happened.  Long about midnight I went to bed and started reading my book.  A little while later, Vicki came in and before I even thought she had settled down....boom, she was asleep!  Now, Sleep was questionable....she was thrashing, jerking, moaning and snoring.  After about a half an hour, I decided to remove myself to the living room and get in my chair.  Now, up to this point I had had a good day, food wise....but my heart had been  palpitating since early afternoon.  So, I took a pill and decided to have a morning bun...then I had a second one...then Vicki got up and she had 2 morning buns....then we both had a pumpkin cupcake!  Vicki went off to bed and I got on my computer...the next thing I knew was that it was 4:45 and I was heading to bed.  At 11:00 Vicki's little voice said...time to get up, it is 11:00!  I have never done anything like this before!

Off to Starbucks we went and then to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a mattress pad, followed by a run in the sewing machine shop and then a hop over to Frys and we picked up a chicken.  Then we dropped by Rosines place and put the pad on her bed.  Then it was home we go!

I think this will be very pretty!

Now for a picture of my favorite family.  It is very interesting watching them over the next year!

I know a lot of you do not like any of them but their foundation is doing a great job!

Done for today!


When we got home I finished cutting out the new quilt!  Here is the first square!

Monday, August 26, 2013


We are getting use to sleeping in.  We are getting to Starbucks in time for an early lunch...but we  are having breakfast.  So, this is making our day run on a later schedule.  Just finished dinner and it is after 7.

After coffee we went to the quilt store and bought some backing for Vicki's quilt and I picked up some purple for the next quilt.

 Vicki picked out her orange backing for her quilt.  I picked out a purple fabric for the new one I am starting.  We always get excited when we see all of the pretty fabrics!  Right now I am trying to use up the yardage that I already have.  I think I am missing a box but since I have started rearranging the garage,  I know I will find it!

Rosine was so funny today!  She had us in hysterics......she really looks pretty  today......she was telling
 us about what happens when they come into her room in the middle of the is a picture so you can visualize it!!

Okay, here is her bed.  We just put the small TV at the foot of the bed so she can watch it at night after they stick her in bed for the night!  This is what she said....they come in to change my diaper, they raise up the bed so that they won't hurt their backs...then they slam me against the wall because I can't roll over on my side by myself.....the bed is up so high that I slam against the picture....then they talk to me with that funny talk and I can't understand a word they are saying!   She was laughing the whole time.  She imitated their talk.  We said ....we can't understand you...laughing, she said...I can't understand them either....we thought she was having trouble talking and it was us that could not understand her!  We were hysterical!

Vicki and I went home and worked in the sewing room.  Vicki set up her sewing machine and shortened 4 pillow cases.  I cut out the pieces for the next quilt.  Tomorrow we will go to another quilt shop and I will get a foot for the machine that will allow me to do, "free motion quilting"  This is quilting with a regular sewing machine.

This is all for today!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

It is Sunday again!

Today we slept in!  Did not get to Starbucks until almost 11:00.  Tried their black and white cake....haven't looked up the calories yet.  It won't be good.

Well, my hair is not too bad.  I put a special conditioner on it and it feels pretty good.  It actually looks short....that is because of the perm.....the only place it was cut was in the back!  Life can go back to normal and I can cut down on the drama!  lol!
Vicki's hair is looking good but she is looking around for someone to give her a perm in a couple of months.  She went to see Rosine today and I stayed home and worked on her  quilt.  She was able to help her mother get from the wheelchair into the Lazy Boy.  Rosine said"Sandi would be proud of you that you helped me all by yourself."
I finished Vicki's quilt top today.  Now we will go and get a pretty shade of orange for the backing.  I am quite pleased the  way it turned out.  I think changing to the blues with the print was a good move!
Now I am going  to go and pull out some more fabric for another quilt!

This is all for today!


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Melinda

Today is Melinda's birthday!  I am not sure where they are but here's to you Melinda!

Melinda and Todd changed careers last summer and this was Melinda's new haircut

In June, right before the career change, Molly and Dexter were married.  Molly is my only grand-daughter!

In May of last year, Tyler, the youngest grandchild, graduated from high school!  It was a busy summer for the Leed Family

Tyler also went to basic training last summer and joined Molly in the Air Force National Guard!
On one of Todd and Melinda's trips east they were able to be in Biloxi and see Tyler graduate from basic training!  Now Todd and Melinda are going independent and they even bought a truck.  We are looking for them to come our way before too long!
                          Happy Birthday Melinda...have a margarita for me!

We went to see "The Butler"  today and it was quite good!

Have not done my hair yet, we will save that for tomorrow!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Goody, goody!

Goody, goody, tomorrow I get to wash and condition my hair  The back of my hair looks like a dogs butt!       Vicki will shave my neck, the part on the back of my head will be gone and all will be well!  Right!  lol!     And guesss what else....she rolled one side up and one side down....My friend Vicki saw her do it ....."I wonder what she is doing?.......That is what I would like to know!
 I ma never recover from this trauma or from the trauma of going bald and having the back of my hair looking like a dog's butt!
We ran into 2 guys from the other Starbucks.  It was the Jewish man and the Episcopalian!  Had a little chat with them...they said Sandi and Irwin were in there on Wednesday....thank goodness we were across town!

We saw Rosine today and the 3 of us all sat there trying to go to sleep!  It was not a pretty picture! lol!

My keyboard is dying....night night

Be careful out there!



Thursday, August 22, 2013

All is well!

Today we met Sally and George for coffee and it was good to see them...we did not solve the problems of the world but that is okay.

Last night I worked on my hair....put a few rollers in it so they would lift up the hair and cover the bald spots.  It Worked and I am much happier today.  So, those of you who like me best in bangs...get over is not going to happen until I grow some more hair!  And don't hold your may never happen.

              Too bad there are no bangs!  lol!

Vicki went to see her mother....she is having her own set of problems...there she sat with a finger nail file in one hand and her false teeth in the other.....just filing away to beat the band....I knew she was a beautician in this life but she must have been a dentist in another life!  lol!

I spent some time squaring up my squares for Vicki's quilt.  Now I am ready to sew it together!

Starting on September the 20th we will be featuring a virtual cruise.  This is a 78 day cruise that I would love to go on.  The ship is the Amsterdam again.  We will be starting in Seattle and ending in Los Angeles.  This will be a dry is on my wish list....please don't get is a virtual cruise only!  lol!  It is amazing how many people thought we were really on the 115 day World Cruise! lol!

Nothing else going on here so I am going to sign off!

Be careful out there!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bad day!

This is not going to be very long as I am very upset and I don't want to heart procedure!  lol!As you all know, we had to change beauty operators.  The new one we are going to does not do perms.  In fact only 1 person in that salon does perms.  There were several options of places to go.  I think the girl I chose does not do many perms.  She started out in the back of my head, which I thought was strange.  then she ripped them all out and went to the top of my head.  I thought I was in trouble, so I said....are you comfortable doing perms.  She assured me she was but I did not believe her.  When she told me the brand she was using, I knew I was in trouble.  I then asked her how do you time the perm?  She said 15-20 minutes....I said if I go 20 I will be fried as I have used this brand before.  Vicki went to McDonalds and got us some lunch.  The timer, I guess in her mind, started ticking.  After I ate my hamburger and fries, I looked at my watch and 17 minutes later, here she came.  Do you think that the 10 minutes it took for me to eat my lunch counted?  Yes, it did!  Where she went, I don't know!...The ends of my hair are burned....she careful with your hair as it is really dry!  Hmm, it was not dry when I went in there.  So, what did I accomplish?  My hair is 2 shades lighter, which is a good bald spots still show...and my ends are all dried out!  Now, whose fault is this....the operators, of course as well as the circumstances that caused me to change operators!  Not fair!

We went to see Rosine this morning.  We both walked in and said "good morning, how are you?"  She did not answer.  I should have known my perm was not going to go well!

What can I say!  It was not a good day!

Be careful out there, I wasn't!  lol!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A New Years Cruise....Join us!

Believe it or not....I finished the blog and then I guess I deleted  it!  So, I am just going to give you the highlights.....there are none.....maybe that is why the page is blank!  lol!

We took the car in for its 125,000 mile check up and that took all morning into the afternoon.

We ran home and ate lunch and then ran to AAA where we were trying to beat some other people who were  due in anytime....we won!  We cancelled the Christmas cruise and Vicki's birthday cruise.  We did not intend to do them both.  Now we booked a New Years Cruise.  We will leave on December 26 and set sail on the 28th.  Vicki has booked the cruise, the airfare, the hotel and the return flight!  We were smart and booked on Southwest so if we have to cancel we will not lose any money.  Jerry will be going with us...the ship will still be decorated for Christmas!  Love it!

14 day, Southern Caribbean Holiday Cruise, Celebrity Eclipse!

Explore Itinerary

Day 1Fort Lauderdale, Florida4:30 PM
Day 2At Sea
Day 3At Sea
Day 4Oranjestad, ArubaDocked8:00 AM8:00 PM
Day 5Willemstad, CuracaoDocked7:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 6At Sea
Day 7St. George's, GrenadaDocked8:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 8Bridgetown, BarbadosDocked8:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 9Castries, St. LuciaDocked8:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 10St. Johns, AntiguaDocked8:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 11Philipsburg, St. MaartenDocked8:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 12Charlotte Amalie, St. ThomasTendered8:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 13At Sea
Day 14At Sea
Day 15Fort Lauderdale, Florida7:00 AM

Doesn't this look good right about now?


Swimming pool

More swimming pool

This looks like a good place to hang out!  lol!

I like this covered pool area!

Yum Yum I think there are good things to eat in here!

Oops! I think this is our room minus the Asian quilt!

If you want to join us we will give you our travel agents name and number!

Be careful out there!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Rita and Mr. President!

Today 2 very important people celebrate their Leo birthdays!
Both our friend Rita and Bill Clinton are celebrating birthdays today!  I wonder if they were born during the same hour!  We will have to find out!  Have a great day guys!

Mary, who celebrated her birthday on the 5th and Rita who, along with Bill is celebrating her birthday! You 2 look absolutely beautiful!

Happy Birthday Mr. President!  You are doing a wonderful job helping people through your foundation!Happy 67th!  Most of you who know me, know that I am in love with Bill....I even sent him a birthday present!  lol!

OMG!  They know each other!

Went to the EP doctor today and he is very pleased with my procedure and I don't have to go back and see him for 6 months!

Vicki met her mother at the dentist where they set up a plan for relining her false teeth!

Went to Starbucks this morning and did not see anyone we knew                                      

We are back on a program today.  Gained 3..5 pounds last week...I know most of it is water....right?  lol!  I really want to be down 10 lbs before we go to Atlanta!

Well, I am going to go for now , since I did such a good job yesterday!  Nothing fun or funny happened today!

Be careful out there!


Sunday, August 18, 2013


It is amazing that another week has gone by!  But it is true and here we are facing a bunch of new challenges.  We all know we will face them whether we want to or not, that is just the way it is!  So, onward everyone....go get em!

This was a bad eating day....bad is an understatement...we started the day off with getting the car washed and Dunkin Donuts Blueberry cake donuts.  We followed this by going to see Rosine and had a very nice visit with her!

Rosine was telling us how she has the people at her dinner table exercising before dinner.....while they are waiting to get into the dining room!  lol!  She is a the secret to this exercise is that you have to reach as far as you can until you start shaking and yelping!  Go, Rosine!  lol!

Now that Vicki has the right idea....she is just a stretching, yelping and shaking!  Go, Vicki!  lol!

I am trying, I am trying....shake, stretch and yelp!  I've got it!  I think!  lol!

This is Aaron's little dog....he is very sociable and not a cry baby!  He just waits patiently for what he wants!
                                       Good job boys...nice picture!  Okay Aaron, give him a treat!

Mom, you said that this is a bad eating what else did you eat besides the donuts?      I ate a bunch of veggies....and you know the rest....cheeseburger, hash brown casserole, peach pie and homemade vanilla ice cream and then I will go home and have the black forest cake!  Why did you make me say that, Tami?  lol!
This is Mark's  first try at making a pie and it was delicious.  The homemade vanilla ice cream was wonderful too and Vicki went bananas over it.  I hate it when she sits at the table shrieking...OMG, this is wonderful!  l                                                                           

I make good ice cream and now I make good pie too!

Tomorrow we are going to be so sorry we ate all that sugar.....or maybe we will be sorry tonight! lol!  We are so bad!                                     

I can't believe that you two ate all of that....I think I am going to be sick just watching you!  lol!

On this note I will say good night!

Be careful out there!