Sunday, April 27, 2014

We are home are home for 15 days and then we go sailing!

Today is our first day home....We went out to Arrowhead Lakes and met the family at Paradise Bakery.

We had a nice breakfast sandwich and had a good visit!

                            A nice setting and a beautiful day!

This is Gene, Mark's father and Retha his mother.  They are here visiting for the weekend.  Mark and Tami and Joshua have been having fun showing them around Phoenix!  Hopefully we will see them when we go to Kansas City in June!

Well, we had permanents today.  We are both very curley and I will show you Vicki tomorrow!

After our perms we stopped at Costco.  We had dinner at Costco and now we are settling in for an evening of television!


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Home in Phoenix!

Yesterday, Friday, we left San Diego.  We decided to travel to Yuma and have dinner with Judy, Olias and the puppies  We went to Starbucks in our neighborhood, then went to Rite-Aide, back to the condo to finish packing the car and then we made a trip to The Container Store and to Clairlmont Mesa to pick up a pair of shoes!  Finally, a little past noon we were on the road and headed for Yuma

                       At the container store we found my new computer desk for the condo.  It will not have the sides next to it as it is going in a small space.

I know the weather is turning but I am not going to change my mind.  We are leaving and we are leaving now!

                                     Those dogs really do love their daddy!

OMG!  The wind is blowing so hard that I have to get inside before I start coughing!  Bye, love you!

You know you are home , see a QT!

This is my first selfie!
Now that you are at home, I have a lot of things for you to do......take down my Easter decorations....sort out my medical these five news pater articles and report back to me and let me see .......there must be something else I need you to do!  Mama Mia!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Her is making me go home!

Today is our 6th day in San Diego and "Her is making me go home!"  Now, how nice is that?  The weather has been great and we just ran out of time.  We enjoyed seeing our friends but all good things must come to an end!

Monday was our day to run around.  After we went to Starbucks, we went to Staples, Ashley Furniture, Casual Dining, Michaels and the Tile Store.  We then came home and had a late lunch.

I did not realize that the map store had gone out of business or we would have had 1 more place to go

Yes, you both can come to another party….they liked you!  lol!  Little do they know! lol!
I sware, the devil made me do it….I really did not mean to be bad…..remember…I am a Catholic Girl!

The Jacaranda Trees are blooming and they are always so pretty!
Here we are in San Diego, eating Mexican food outdoors….this is the life!
'I think I am catching up with you and your travels…..we need to take another cruise …Italy was a long time ago!"

"It is fun traveling with you, Lou….and being out to lunch like this is like being away in a Mexican port…..wish I had ordered a margarita instead of a beer!"
Tonight Jerry is fixing dinner for us and tomorrow we will be on our way.  It has been fun guy


Friday, April 18, 2014

Just arrived in san Diego!

Here we are on our way to San Diego to spend the week there!  We are going to San Diego so that my face can heel in the salt air…..not that I really think the treatment worked

This is the mini version of the shawl I have been  making.  Of course Rosine snatched it right out of my hand…" I don't have a green one, thank you so much!"

I had the veil over my face on the way in as I am not supposed to be off of house arrest for 4 more hours!

These are the best shrimp tacos that I have ever had!  We are at the casino west of Yuma and we have eaten here before.  Sorry to say that we did not win any money and really did not have fun loosing it.  I have to stop thinking about it and eat my wonderful shrimp tacos!

These shrimp tacos are wonderful but I think I paid way too much for them….like 5x more!  We should not have gambled first, we should have eaten and gone to bed!

Well, here is my face, day 3, my wind blown hair and my body that has gained 5 pounds since my operation!



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On house arrest today!

Vicki has been running around today without me!  Off she went to Safeway and brought home our usual Starbucks breakfast.  After breakfast off she went to the car dealership, QT, and then to Walgreens to get the stuff for my face.  Home she came, we had lunch and off she went to her mother's and the grocery store.  Now she is home for the rest of the day....what is left of it!

This is the latest quilt that I have made.  The squares are left overs from the quilt contest quilts.  As soon as Vicki does her stitch in a ditch, it will be finished!

                  This is smaller than a is actually a scarf.....I hope Rosine will like it!

     Now, this is the real deal....I have ointment on my face and my computer shows all of the sun damage.  I will put an update picture every time I do the blog!  The only place they did not do is my chin!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Practicing for the Blue Light special on Tuesday!

I am practicing for my procedure or maybe I will become a bee keeper!
On Tuesday, about noon, I will be having my blue light procedure and will not be able to go out into the light for 48 hours.  At hour 45 we are going to leave for San Diego.  I will wear my visor with a thin scarf so that the sun will not get me in the car.  Although I will say....the new car does have special glass that filters out the UV rays.....although I do think it is also the heat of the sun that I will need to stay away from!

                              I found myself smiling for the camera ....duh!

Tonight we met Mark and Tami for dinner....we had some good laughs.....this was Vicki's belated birthday dinner....thank you , you two!

This is a picture of me with Mark's mom, Retha!  This picture was taken in December.....they will be here in two weeks for a weekend visit!

Today is Tuesday and I am having my procedure today.  I must admit I am a little nervous about it!

                    Okay, I am ready to go get my toenails done and then we will go get my face done

It seems like we are so busy.....when do we have a free day.....oops!  That's right....we have to go away in order to have a free day!

Okay, they gave me this cowboy hat to keep the sun out of my face....right, this will really work!

Now, my face does not look too bad....I wonder if it took.......I see some red blotches!

Now this is a real hat.......when I start to peal, i can cover it up when I go to Starbucks!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy 95th Birthday Rosine!

Today we celebrated Rosine's 95th birthday.  Here are a few highlights from her luncheon and a few highlights from the last 5 years!

209. Rosine celebrated her 90th birthday here in Phoenix...Shelley, her niece, made the celebration possible.  All of her family was present and a good time was had by all!

2010.  Rosine's first Halloween at Freedom Inn.  She won the prize for her costume!   She has always loved Halloween!

2011. Rosine's second Halloween at Freedom Inn.  She did not win a prize and she was pissed!

I did not win a prize so I am not dressing up next year!

2013, June 10.  I am not sure how or why I am in the hospital but I do not intend to stay here long!

Today, April 12, 2014, Happy Birthday Mom!

                                        Happy Birthday little Peanut!

                 Here they are...Nancy and Bob.....Rosine....Shelley and Vicki!

                                   Nancy enjoyed the lunch and the company....Happy Birthday Rosine!

                                    Vicki and her cousin Shelley,"Happy Birthday dear Auntie!"                        

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Rosine!  And in came the chocolate cake and ice cream!
                                       Vicki and her brother Bob wish Rosine a Happy Birthday!

                          This is the shawl that Sandi made especially for me!

This is the shawl that Sandi made especially for me!  lol!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Well, the day started out as usual.....Starbucks, where we did not recognize a single person in the place......and I was so hoping that the snow birds had all gone home but  by the looks of things and the packed Starbucks, with no empty tables.......I do think that they must not be done packing!  lol!

After coffee we went to see Rosine and she planned her birthday lunch for tomorrow.  It took an hour for her to decide on 2 pizza's, 20 wings, a garden salad, the dressing and the chocolate cake!  Mama Mia!  Vicki and I have a problem with gearing down to s l o w!  I hope I never get to be slow....I would drive myself crazy!

After we left Rosine we went to the pizza parlor and had lunch so we could tell Rosine if it was any good.  It was very good and was a nice discovery.  We went on and ordered the things for the lunch tomorrow!It was then that we decided to take the left over pizza home and go and take a look at the Toyota's!

There it little dream is a Prius and it was right in my price range.  How I would love this car and it goes so well with my skin tone!

But as you might have guessed.....Vicki had other ideas...first she tried the Camray...then we decided we had better try the Avalon.  It was not a good idea.....once you have had an Avalon you are spoiled.  Now we did not intend to buy a car today but we intended to buy one in the next few months.  The salesman did not say anything to us until Vicki bought the car and then he took me aside and told me that the air conditioner would probably go out in the next week and that the tires on the trade in were in bad shape.  Also the fender in the back was pulling away from the body from when we were hit from behind.  When I told Vicki she said....I realized today that air was on its way out....I knew we were going to need new tires next month......I saw the fender pulling away and I tried to push it back on....".OMG!  Where am I?  I DID  NOT KNOW ANY OF THIS, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?"
Well, she said, I was afraid if I said it out loud that it would you call that denial!

Tomorrow will be a busy day.  Shelley is flying in from New Mexico tomorrow morning and she will be there for the party.  Bob and Nancy will also be there!

Be careful out there!