Thursday, August 7, 2014

Leaving San Diego tomorrow!

Like all good things, our trip to San Diego must come to an end.  We got a lot accomplished but still have a lot to do!

Yesterday we went down to the Valley for coffee.  It was just Vicki and me but we seemed to make it okay!  We left coffee and went to get the dirty car washed!

Here we are and Vicki is checking the news to see if we are all here!     

As usual I am hydrating and people watching.  There is a nice breeze and I know I am in Paradise!

What a wonderful photo….it looks like we are in the mountains and I can feel the ocean breeze!

Next we went to Lazy Boy and bought a little table….then we went to Pier 1 and looked around….since my favorite sandwich shop is next to Lazy Boy….well, the turkey dinner sandwich was calling me….it is called the Bobby….he should not have called me like that because ….I ate him!  lol!

Today we had to be out of the house all day as the cleaning lady was coming.  We did not get back until 3:30 this afternoon.  We were busy bee's and did not even spend any money…that is because we spent all we had yesterday and we are fresh out!

We were going to meet Mary Lou and her grand-daughter for coffee but it did not work out!  So, we went by our selves….we are getting pretty good at it!  lol!

After coffee we headed over to Good Will to drop off a bag of clothes.  Next stop was Seaport Village, where we were to pick up two glasses for Tami

It is so beautiful here at Seaport Village….you get a great view of the skyline……a view of the water and all kinds of shops to go into!

We feel right at home here even though it looks like they are expecting pirates or something!

There is a place here called "The Hot Lick" or as Vicki calls it…The Hot Chicken"

The grounds are beautiful and well maintained!

I don't really know the story behind this picture….I could make one up!

Just walking on the board walk….looking for the Turves store!

I wonder what happened to my pictures of the boats?

Oops!  There are the boats!

Now we are at Miguel's on Coronado Island and we are having Mexican food.  As much as I hate to say it….it was not as good as what we get in Sun City West!

We ate in the outside patio….did not have a Margarita!  Just a diet coke!

                               You know you are in Paradise when………...

On this note I am  going to say good-night….The bed is perfect…now for the pillows!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Running out of time in San Diego!

Here  we are …….another day in Paradise!  We started out by meeting Mary Lou at IKEA  for breakfast.  We had Swedish Pancakes.  It was aery good breakfast and no, I did not take a picture!

This picture was taken yesterday when I had curley hair.  It looked good for awhile and then it went crazy…….I am telling you this because so many of you liked it on Facebook!

Yesterday Vicki and I had lunch with Lou.  We went to a new Pizza place that is here in Hillcrest.  The pizza was quite good for a thin crust pizza and Vicki loved it because it was a thin crust pizza!

After breakfast we went to Best Buy and Vicki got a new Fitbit and I bought the new service contract on the TV.  We then went buy and picked up the new bedspread that was being washed so that all the extra fuzz would come off it!  It certainly made it puff up nicely!  Vicki was able to get her fitbit all set up, next she took her old one and set it up for me.  This accomplished …I said"  let's go to the beach and have lunch…and so we did!  We had wonderful lobster rolled tacos!

It is so beautiful out here….feel the nice ocean breeze…this is wonderful….what a good idea!

This is just like being on vacation!  Look at all of the young people…no walkers….no wheelchairs with old people in them… is so nice to vacation away from Sun City West!

Now, this is the life….beach traffic is starting to slow down as the kids are all getting ready for the fall!I know this is a shock having two blogs in a row….Don't get use to it!  lol!

Rosine is doing fine….a fat man fell down in her dining room…a fat lady tried to help him up…she fell on top of him…then they had trouble getting them both up!  Rosine's solution to the problem is….they are too fat to be here!  lol!


Monday, August 4, 2014

San Diego!

Saturday, July 26th…...
Of course, our day started at Starbucks.  We were late arriving but did not have a problem finding a table!  You never know what you will learn when you are out enjoying your day…..just be open to it and see what happens!

While sitting in Starbucks an old lady sat down next to us.  She was attractive,mobile and difficult to tell her age.  I wondered how old she was… I was sitting there she took out her tools, paper and pen and began writing letters…….now isn't that interesting…she has the Starbucks thing going but is not into technology.  Soon the table next to her filled up and I decided it was time to take a picture!

Contrasting the ages!
As we were cleaning up and getting ready to leave ….Vicki commented to her, "I see you are getting your work done  here too!"  

Here is the rest of her story.  Her name is Marie, she is 96 years old and she has a ministry of  helping people called Angel Love Ministries! She is knitting scarves and writing letters to people who are sick.  She does not have a web site and donates everything herself.  In 1900 her mother started this ministry and when she died in 1968, Marie took it over.  She has touched a lot of lives and is still going strong.  What a wonderful thing she has done with her life.  Oh! and she still drives a car!  Don't go there!

In our travels today, we found a new sandwich shop and it was really good!  Vicki thinks she has read about it somewhere.  It is called, Capriottis!  Yum, yum! We had the "The Bobbie", Thanksgiving dinner on a bun!

Our day today consisted of buying a new bed spread………then we bought a bed…….then a set of nesting tables and finally a printer to finish up the office.

We decided not to buy new desks and are using black folding tables.  We also decided not to get file cabinets and are using 3 drawer plastic  storage containers.  Tomorrow we are going to Kirkland to get our floor lamp for the living room.  It is coming together and we will take pictures of the living room as soon as it is finished

Mary Lou,  my friend of 58 years, keeps in contact with her family and friends!

     This is my spot in the office… is perfect and now there is so much room in here!

       This is Vicki's section…..she loves it too!

     Both of our sections takde up 2 walls, the closet is the 3rd wall and the Murphy Bed is the 4th wall
 Now you aren't very aware that the Murphy bed is in here as the whole middle of the room is open… is wonderful!

Here is the new dining room table.  It is quite cute and works well for us!

These are the other 2 walls in the dining room!  Love it!

This is, of couse, the living room…2  more walls to follow!

Here is the new fridge….it has an ice maker and it gives you water inside the fridge.  Right now the freezer is icing up and we are in hopes that it will stop so that we can come home on Friday….therwise we have to wait until Saturday for them to fix it and we won't be home until Sunday or Monday!  We were able to change our hearing appointments to Wednesday… I won't find out how deaf I am until then!

This is a CHENILLE BEDSPREAD!  It is an actual bed spread and does not need a skirt.  We are having it washed and it will have pillow shams and Asian throw pillows on it.  We are bringing the Asian Girls that Judy made, over to put in the bedroom!  Will take a new photo when it is finished in September!

This is what you do when you want to move a television and you don't have a man in the house….come to think about it, this is what I did when I had a man in the house!  Oops!  Did I say that out loud?  lol!

August 1st
Happy Birthday to me!

Well, here we are at Starbucks and it is my birthday….I need a haircut as I look like a wild woman!

                    Nancy did a really good job cutting my hair…..what a difference!

Nancy has been making us beautiful, doing our hair, for just about 20 years.  She is also a good friend and we have a lot of good laughs with her.  It was fun to see her today and to go to lunch with her.  It is really hard to believe that we have known her for so long!
              What fun….here we are in a festive environment celebrating Sandi's birthday!

Oh this is so nice…Jerry, you had a great idea to come here!

It just popped into my mind and it worked out perfectly!  It is so funny that Nancy suggested it too!

Today, Monday, we had lunch with Lou.  It is always good to see him and today he was very funny and did a good job of entertaining us!  He is having a wonderful time being a world traveler!  WOW!  is he having a great time!

Here we are….on the Ruby Princess…traveling from Italy to Florida.  Lou, me, Vicki and Jerry!  Lou was the only one who did not get sick!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we are meeting Mary Lou at IKEA and we are having breakfast there!

Now, about my fitbit!  Yes, I know that I am pulling up the rear.  Let me explain…today is the second time in less than a week that my battery has gone dead.  I am now charging it…if it does not hold the charge then I will call QVC!

Now, I think I will say good night!