Saturday, December 20, 2014

Today the Leed's will be here!

It is upon us! Todd, Melinda, Molly and Tyler arrive tonight!  I am sure it will be like a whirlwind.. for the next 4 days

We had a very nice dinner last night with our friends, Rita and Mary!  We want to thank them for sharing in our Christmas Memories!

Now, of course, Rosine had her picture taken with Santa!  This is actually last years picture.......I liked it better than the one that they took this year!

These are the cookies that Mary Lou and I made every Christmas.  Now the grown kids and the grandkids make them!

                                           Tami added some garland to her decorations

               We are hoping that all of you are enjoying the season!

                               I am enjoying it ad I am looking forward to the whole next week!

                                 Thank You Davin and Amy for the new Starbucks glasses!

               These are new and we had a hard time picking out what we wanted!Thank You!

Today we had a very interesting event in Starbucks!  The gal in this picture always waits on us when we go to Michaels.  She came over to wish us a Merry Christmas!  Vicki and I had decided to wear the new Christmas scarves that I had made.  The scarves were really warm and so we took them off.  Marilyn looked so cute in her red sweater with the beautiful new necklace her husband had given her.  She then said she should have woren a scarf as her neck was a little cold.  I popped out my scarf to show her what I had done with all the yarn she had sold us.  Then I put it around her neck and said Merry Christmas!  Vicki then handed me her scarf and we gave it to the lady at the next table.  Both ladies were shocked and happy and Vicki and I felt really giving a present to someone who was totally unaware!  As the second lady and her husband left he came over to us and said"you are what being an American is all about"  How nice that was!

What a nice morning it was....everyone was surprised and happy when they left Starbucks!

                          In honor of Hanukkah at Rosines home!

                                 The Christmas Tree actually looks better in person!

We will keep you updated over the next week and don't forget we are going to go and look at puppies soon!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Mark and Miranda! Happy Graduation Molly and Miranda!

Happy Birthday Mark and Miranda!  We celebrated the birthdays on Friday night.  Mark put pizza on the grill and it was very good.  Tami made a wonderful lemon pudding cake from scratch using lemons from their tree!

Happy Birthday Miranda!

Happy Birthday Mark!

Mark is helping Vicki on her phone!

This is the first time I have seen this happen ...all 3 of them are guilty!

Mark is guilty too...waiting for birthday cake /

I think that Joshua is waiting for birthday cake too!

This is the wonderful lemon cake!

This dog is wonderful.....but he is so big!

This is the decoration that I gave this is my bathroom with my stuff in it!

These pictures came from the Liberty church!

Here is the snowman toilet deat cover and I can't remember where I got the mouse!

The stained glass piece came from Colorado!  So Tami, enjoy all the decorations and the Nana bathroom!   

Now, some of the Santa's are Vicki's and mine!  I know for sure the one on the top stair was ours!

See the beautiful Angel on the wall.  My sister Judy, put it together and quilted it and Vicki and I bought the panel  It is beautiful!  Tami and Mark's house is beautiful and it is so nice seeing our Christmas decoration there......there are even some items there from Rosines rooms!

This is the family room!  Everything looks so nice!

Granddaughter Molly and grandson Tyler.  Molly graduated with her RN in nursing!

Miranda is Aaron's girlfriend.  She will graduates on Tuesday with a degree in Psychology!
Aaron took Miranda's pictures and the, as well as she are beautiful!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

It is the busy time of the year!

Here it is, Monday, only 17 days until Christmas!  I will begin taking down the Christmas decorations  on the 24th as we are going to San Diego for 2 weeks.  Todd, Melinda and the kids will be here from the 20th until the evening of the 24th.  My grandson Tyler will be 21 on the 24th and they are coming to town to celebrate!

It is overcast today and I do think it looks like we are already in San Diego.

This is going to be a busy week what with hair, nail and doctors appointments.  On Thursday night Rosine will be with a group of people from the home and they will be coming here to start their trip to see Christmas lights.  We will be handing out cookies!  Yum yum!

Now it is Thursday and tonight the Van is bringing Rosine and her friends to see Christmas lights around the area and they will start with our house.  Hopefully I will take pictures....we are going to wear our Christmas Hats and we are going to  to be jolly. Penny, who is the activity directer is coming to the house 15 minutes before the group arrives.  The group will not be getting out of the van!

                           It is sunset and all the Christmas lights are on and ready to go!

                                       I know you don't know this....this hat is heavy!

                                                      Ho Ho Ho, here we go!

                                         The house looks good!

                                       T here is a Santa in our yard!

                                            I really think this is  Penny, the activity directer!        

                                                            We are Santa's Elves!

                                                   I can be an elf for an hour....then I am done!

                                    It is a good thing that Santa has a cell phone!

                                                 Here they are.....ho ho ho !

                                       I see Rosine back there...go get her Vicki!

                                          Hi, mom....I am Santa's elf!

                                         Here is my mommy....isn't she cue!

                                                   MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Here  are a couple more picture of Chester trying to figure out what a bubble bath is!

This dog is so darned cute...I would love to take him home but I am alergic to him and he is too big for my lap!

Not only is he cute but he is so smart.  The last time I saw him he followed me into the bedroom as I was on the phone.  I sat down on the end of the bed and the next thing I knew , he was in my lap!  I just love him!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

On the lighter side!

Well, Christmas is rapidly approaching and soon it will be over!  lol!

Today we are sitting at home watching the Chiefs and the Cardinals battle it out and right now the Cardinals are winning!  Go Cardinals!  Mark's mom and dad are here and the whole family is at the game!

Sorry Retha and Gene.....there is still one quarter left and we really need this win!  Oops!  Got to go ad see what is happening!  Oops!  Cardinals won!

This is the new addition to the Buettgenbach's family.   Chester is a little over one year old and he is a wonderful dog.  Not only is he sweet and loving but he thinks he is a lap dog!  He makes Kodi seem really old!

                     I just love this dog and he treats me so much better than does Kodi!

This is a picture of the counter in the kitchen!

This is the kitchen...I love the pictures that light up!

           This is in the living room!

The coffee table in the living room!

                                      This is the official greeter at Rosines House!

                                            Merry Christmas Everyone!

                                          Merry Christmas Everyone!

Be Careful Out There!