Sunday, June 30, 2013

Not that hot today!

gToday we went to coffee all by ourselves!Meanwhile back in Phoenix....we texted Sandi to see how everyone was feeling and in the true spirit of technology she sent us this text from our Starbucks!

Irwin looks like he is feeling just fine!  Damion is waving to us...he is such a character and the girls are smiling pretty for us!      

                                                                  I am sorry is what it is!  lol!           

After coffee we went to Target and Macey's and then on home!  This is the food court  at Mission Valley Center!  Lunch time and no one is here! 

There are flowers and nice plants all over here!

At 2:00 we met Jerry and went up the coast to the outlet mall and then went to Norte for Mexican food!
Yes, this is the third time this week for Mexican food!  lol!  And we like it that way!

We are in Carlsbad and the ocean is straight ahead...there goes Vicki and Jerry!
There they go into the Mexican Restaurant....hey!  what am I?  Chopped liver!  lol!
This is Carlsbad Inn, we use to own a timeshare here.  Norte is attached on the side of the Inn!
                                            Every weekend there is a art show on the grounds of the Inn!
This mansion use to put on San Diego's best Sunday dinner.  Fried chicken and all the trimmings to the tune of 3,500 calories per dinner!  Too bad they are gone!  lol! 

                                      The view of Carlsbad beaches is beautiful!

                                 Our typical coast line! 

                    Night time on any beach is the best!

We are having plumbing issues so we need to call tomorrow to get someone out here....if all goes well we will then make it to the zoo to try out our new passes!

Be careful out there!


Saturday, June 29, 2013

It is hot here too! kinda! lol!

Today is our first full day in San Diego.  As usual, we started the day off at Starbucks!  Mary Lou met us there and it looked like we were going to have a hard time finding a seat.  It was beautiful out and the weather was perfect to sit outside.  After doing the table shuffle 3 times, I finally got us situated outside and the 2 Princesses were out of the sun!  lol!

Princess #1 is looking good!  She has lost 14 pounds and is feeling pretty good about it!
I was able to get Princess #2 out of the sun also....she too was feeling pretty perky! lol!

Princess #3 was tired after moving the princesses to 3 different tables!  She ran out of shade by this time and she did not care.  lol!  Both princess 1 and 3 had just been to the dermatologist!  oops! Princess #3's hair is not the right color!  lol!

Princess # 2 is ignoring us as she checks the temperatures all around the country!

Now this was a new adventure...this is Wang's restaurant in North Park.  It is the old J.C. Penny building and has been unoccupied for over 30 years.  North Park is the shopping area that my sister Judy and I frequented while growing up!  It is for this reason that I took so many pictures of the inside.  It was hard to believe that I use to try on bra's right up at the top of the stairs!  lol!
     Jerry and Vicki are enjoying the Happy Hour.  This is really a beautiful place and so well done!

                                                                 The bar!

                                             We are having a good time!

                                                         Vicki is having a good time too!
I love these lanterns!
                                  I love this tree too!  It's too bad I did not take some pictures of the outside!

So, we had a very nice day.  We are going up the coast tomorrow so we will have a whole new set of pictures!

I guess Rosine had a good day today...she has decided that they have moved her  into a  room that is too small!  Go figure!

Be careful out there!

Friday, June 28, 2013

June 28, Arrived safely!

Here we are in San Diego and our neighborhood is jumping!  There are people  all over the place.  We left Arizona yesterday and stayed last night in a casino, which is only 1 mile from the town of Las Algadones, Mexico

                                                 There is Mexico right there!

                          The Casino....not busy....not much to write home about!

                                            I am so glad to be on the road again!
                                             Shrimp tacos...they were really good! 
                                             Vicki enjoyed the shrimp  tacos too!

                                   There has been a lot going on here!  Maybe you don't want to know!
                                         You can tell us all about it!

We are here and the weather is wonderful!  It was 73 walking home from dinner.

Rosine appears to be doing okay!

Tomorrow we see Mary Lou for breakfast and Jerry for dinner!

Be careful out there!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 26,

June 25,
Yes, it is true, I have not posted for the last 2 nights.
Went to the doctors today, she said my labs were perfect and she was very excited!

Had coffee with Irwin and Sandi and then they had a very busy day to tend too!

Rosine was asleep today when Vicki went in to see her.  When we went back later she was up but was a little incoherent.  She sis not have a good morning!  We worked a little more on her room and she was feeling better when we left.  The TV seems to be working okay and the phone is also!

We are thinking we will not be able to leave for San Diego on Thursday but are now shooting for Friday  or Saturday!  We will see tomorrow how things are.

June 26,

Went to coffee this morning with Sandi and Irwin and they had bought us pumpkin bread and green tea and it was waiting for us when we got there!  I sat there for a good 5 minutes before I noticed the food. Irwin said I was even patting the bag that had the pumpkin bread in it but it seems my mind was elsewhere!  Thank You, Sandi and Irwin!
Here she is , sitting in her new room with her new comfort shawl that I  made her!   

We finished up today....everything is put away in Rosine's room.  As soon as the maintenance man comes and hangs the pictures, it will be perfect!  We told Rosine that we are leaving for San Diego on Friday.  Hopefully Rosine will be doing fine tomorrow too.  She went to the nurses station today and demanded to know why she felt like she was going to die yesterday!  Okay!  That was a shock to us that she did that, I can only imagine what was going through their minds as she demanded to know!

Evidently our new Zoo passes came yesterday.  I am really excited to be able to get back in the gruove and start going back to the zoo.  It has been 5 years since we have gone!  We will go, ride around on the bus, take a look at the flamingos and have a nice lunch.  We will really think we are on vacation!

We are hiding in the house today in preparation for the high temperatures that are expected tomorrow!

Be careful out there!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Okay, tomorrow is the day!

So, you are right....I did not blog yesterday!  Last Sunday when I did not blog on Saturday, my grandson Joshua, let me know that I had missed a day!  Of course, my eyes widened and I started snorting!  lol!

These last 2 weeks have been so long, so hot and so emotionally and physically  draining!  So I have decided that I am too old to be experiencing all of these, what can I do about it?  Now I am asking you as I certainly do not have the answers and I guess Vicki does not have the answers either as she just looks at me with her mouth open and her head bobbing up and down!  lol!

Today we went to coffee by ourselves and just sat there staring out the windows.  Not a pretty picture!  lol!  Today was another day of getting Rosine's stuff out of her room in preparation for the move tomorrow to her permanent room.  We worked there yesterday and again today.  On one of our run between the rooms, the DON, stopped us to tell us that Rosine is being a PIA!  LOL! like we did not already know this!  lol!  According to the DON, Rosine is ringing her buzzer all the time.  She is totally helpless and cannot lift her arms...not!  She is pushing for that 24 hour caregiver that she wants.  She isa able to pull herself up and is able to stand but refuses to do it as the doctor in the hospital, physical therapy!  She is going to the kidney doctor tomorrow and she is sure she is having kidney failure and is going to need to be put on kidney dialysis.  She does not know that everyone over the age of 50 is in kidney failure and at the age of 94 her function should be around 45% on a good day!  If she does not have kidney problems then she is sure that her cancer is back....she has been cancer free for 10 years.  It is really a shame that she is not enjoying each day that she has left!  She is in no pain and she is so lucky to have had such a great life.  We really have to figure how to get her to stop being so hard on us....we are just to old to handle it!
Yesterday we went for comfort food for dinner and we went to Golden Corral
                    Now this is not a pretty picture...tired, sad and hungry!  Poor Vicki!

Today was not any better....we finished up at the home about 2:00 and then we went to KFC.  Good comfort food!

Well, I have to go for now.  As of tomorrow we will be on strike!

Be careful out there!

Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21, Just shake your head!

I don't know about seemed strange to me, all the way around.

The morning started out with someone sitting at the table next to our  table and she was a person that everyone at our table  had a disagreement with.  Half of the people ignored her and the other half spoke when she arrived!  Oh, me oh my!
                              What a day we had today!                                          

Next we went to AAA to finalize our Christmas cruise.  I think we have lost our minds thinking we will be able to do this .....and if you knew what we are planning you would have us committed!  lol!

                                 It is really cool up here...where are we....this must be a dream!  lol!

Then we went to the mortuary and signed a pre-need plan for Rosine after which we went to see Rosine and tried to get a few things done toward moving her stuff.....of course , she was telling us what to do!  It is so funny when she tells us that she can't do whatever it is that no one asked her to do!  OMG!   You would think that she was going to haul the furniture on her back!  lol!
So I think we will go and do some work tomorrow and just not let her know that we are there!

We got an email from our friend Jerry, who keeps an eye on our condo in San Diego, and he went into the condo today and the kitchen sink was full of black sludge!  He really did not want to tell us ...but we need to know...they do not know where it is coming from...2 weeks ago there was a split pipe in our clothes closet!

My brain is having a hard time figuring out what I am doing!  Vicki and I cannot tell why we are reacting so much to the heat or if it is just an emotional reaction.....duh!...who votes for the emotional reaction?  lol!
Normally, I have pretty good coping skills but there is really a lot going on...and on top of all of this....I am turning 75 in August and when Rosine falls.....I will be next in line...this makes me nervous actually this whole thing, weather included makes me want to run down the street screaming....but it is too damnd hot to run anywhere!  lol!  Did I get that off my chest?  No!  But I am going to try harder to do better!  I am going to start focusing on all the projects around I am going to work out in the garage!  What I need is an air conditioner in the garage!  Like that is going to happen!  lol!

Now for thinking positive thoughts!

                                           I like this place...let's come here for Christmas!  lol!

Be careful out there!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 20, day out!

Let me is Thursday...right?  It is getting hard as the days are going so slowly and are beginning to blur!  We met Sandi and Irwin at Starbucks and had a fun time
Irwin suggested we join them for a movie and go to the Cheesecake Factory.  We did it and we felt a lot better as we ventured home in the evening!
The wonderful world of allows you to have morning coffee with your friends and you can "Reach Out and Touch Someone!"This is a multi-tasking event!    They are so cute!

After coffee we ran by Rosines and she sent us out to retrieve more things from her old room.  She said that she felt better mentally and about the same physically.  After a few runs we said we were going home to have lunch and we would be back to see her before we met Sandi and Irwin for our outting.

When we came back to see Rosine, she was on a terror.  It is really hard to cope when she is like is nothing new...finally I had to excuse myself and go out and sit in the nurses area.  It is really hard and it put me in a funk!  Vicki says that she remembers how it would upset her when my mother would get on my case!  And so it goes, round and round!  

Rosine's room will not be done until Monday.  They were suppose to have put the carpet in today...god only knows if they did...I think it will be easier when she is in her own room!  Easier for all of us!

This is really all I am good for tonight!

Be careful out there!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19, hump day!

It is another day and who knows what this one will bring!
Got up early today and went for a blood draw!  Then we went to coffee and met Sandi and Irwin for coffees!  After we did not solve the problems of the world we decided to go to QT and then go see Rosine!

Rosine was wanting some of her clothes that she told us to give away.....I kept telling Vicki, the last couple of days, that she was coming to get us and was going to want her clothes. lol! Yep, that is exactly what happened.   She said, where are my.....?   what did you do with my.......?  Sooooo we told her we did what she told us to do....we gave them away....WHERE ARE THEY....? lol!  I knew that somehow it was going to come back and bite us in the ass and guess what, it did! lol!  So, we went to Bon worth and picked up a couple of pants and then we went home and got some of ours out to give her!  I don't know if it is going to work.  Vicki went over by herself this afternoon...right before she came home, I called over there to see what she was doing...Vicki said that Rosine was very tired and was still sitting in her chair.  She has been sitting in that wheelchair for 7 hours, I screeched...get her out of it....she doesn't want to bother anyone, Vicki said!  Ring her buzzer and have them let her lay down for a couple of hours!...and don't come home  unless you have her in bed!  lol!  When Vicki came home I said...well?  She said, she rang the buzzer and they came in and helped her lay down...Rosinesaid, see how much work it was!  That is why you are paying them to take care of you, besides Sandi said I can't come home if they don't lay you down! lol!  Rosine gets mad when I put my 2 cents in but underneath it all, you can bet that she was so happy to lay her bones down on that bed.  I cannot imagine sitting in that wheel chair for 7 is a wheelchair for God's sake not her easy boy.  If it were her easy boy she could stay in it forever!  but not in a wheelchair!  geez!  I am going to have to go and lay down just to deal with this!  lol!

I am really tired....wish I could lay down for a little while....RING YOUR BUZZER!


I was thinking I would lay my bones down on that bed if mom refused to do it!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18, Round 2, Hospice wins again!

Went to coffee this morning and everyone was there.  Sally and George were seeing Sandi for the first time since she came home!

After going to Sprouts, Walmart and QT  we went home and much to our surprise there were flowers waiting for us!  Our SISTA sent them to tell us we were doing a good job taking care of Rosine!  Thank you Nancy and Bob!

Went over to see Rosine after Coffee.  She had already been to the dining room for!  She was in her room with 4 people helping her, one of which, was the Hospice CNA who was giving her a shower.....yea for hospice!  We did not talk to Rosine as she was sitting on the pot and all 4 people were watching her....Have I told you how the Ariano's are about their bowel movements???  lol!  This is the only family that I've known that can POOP on demand....and if they can't, the world stops until they do!  lol!

Vicki and I ran back and forth between Rosine's rooms, fetching things for her that she was missing!  She had already had a shower and had been to the dining room for breakfast and lunch.  She did not play poker after lunch but Shirley, the lady who won, stopped by and said hi to her!  I think that Rosine was getting tired when we left and there are still a few things she is worried about.  We all will be happy when her room is ready for her!

I am just sitting here while Vicki says goodbye to Rosine...she said, it is time to go, so I hopped into the wheelchair and I am waiting for my ride home!  lol! Tomorrow is another day and hopefully a day closer to having her in her new room!

Good night all!

Be careful out there!


Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, looking good!

Went to Starbucks this morning and had coffee with Sandi and Irwin.  It has been almost 2 weeks since we have seen Sandi and it was good to see her!

Next we hopped on over to Freedom Inn to check in on Rosine!  It was a busy place....the nurse and the social worker from hospice were there.  The nurse was right in there and she is not going to let Rosine run the show!  Nurse Marilyn explained to me that this week was critical for Rosine's wellness.  Soooo, they approached Rosine and informed her that she would be getting out of bed, getting dressed and would be going in her wheel chair and having lunch in the wellness center.  We, the family, all went to the wellness center to talk to the social worker and to get the hell out of there before the fur hit the fan!  lol!  Sheryl, the DON, gave the order about getting her out of the hospital gown and then she left too!  While we were sitting in the wellness center we looked up and guess who was dressed and in her wheelchair and heading into the room?  Round 1 goes to Hospice!  Yea for them!  lol!  Rosine looked pissed but in reality it was the turning point for her.  You can bet that she will be out of that wellness center and eating in the dining room before the week is over!  She thinks the people that eat in the wellness center are demented and she would not want to be one of them!  lol!

We then went to AAA to see Barbara and booked a cruise, which is subject to change, for December and Christmas in Hawaii!  We will have to see how everything goes!

Next we went to Wendy's and had our favorite chicken sandwich.  Then we were off to QT again as I had spilled my drink.  Okay, now it is back to see Rosine.

The amazing thing is that Rosine says she feels fine...she has always felt okay and she is not in pain except when they put her in the chair.  So, how is anyone going to know when she is in distress?  Good she says she went to the hospital because she need a physical!Rosine is in a temporary room and we are in hopes that her room will be ready by Friday.  Being back with her furniture and stuff will make her feel more at home and hopefully encourage her to try harder.  At this point in time she has no chest pain and her breathing is not shallow or labored, so this is all good!

Vicki and I came home, I washed my hair and took my shower and was ready for bed at 4:00!  Vicki followed suit  So, I am now going to watch TV!  Hopefully we will have something fun to write about tomorrow!

Be careful out there!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 15, Happy Father's Day!

I know you will be very surprised at this....we did not go to Starbuckd today!  We went to Carls Jr for their biscuits.  Well, we don't have to do that again!  lol!

Went over to Rosines place and did a pretty good job of cleaning it out.  The problem right now is that the new room is not ready for her.  Vicki's brother Bob came over to see Rosine and he was shocked when he saw her!  He will be coming back tomorrow!

It is very hot here and for some reason we are both really feeling it!

Sunday June 16th.

We have been busy running back and forth to the hospital.  Bob came back and saw Rosine today.  Some of this is really difficult as Rosine keeps getting into the mix...telling everyone what she believes to be true and states it as fact...she has had herself discharged 5 different times and has gotten EVERYONE'S bowels in an uproar!  Omg!  If this were not a matter of life and death it would make a great sitcom.  Especially today when she informed the nurse that Vicki wanted her off her lecix pill which if she did not take it she would die....Vicki's mouth dropped open and she shrieked....MOTHER!!!!  I do not!  lol!  I think that Rosine is not quite as sharp as she was before this happened!

Joshua had a good time telling us all about the new Apple operating system and showing us the Beta version!

Tami was busy telling us all about her new job!

We were busy talking about Rosine....were we all just sitting there talking to ourselves?  Interesting thought!  lol!

We met Joshua and Tami for coffee this morning.  Mark was not able to be there as they were delivering their new washer today.  I really like their Starbucks out by their house!After coffee we went to the hospital to see Rosine!  Bob was just leaving the hospital and said that Rosine says she is being discharged!  lol!  Well, it turns out that she is being discharged at 6:30 tonight.  Now Hospice is hopping and Freedom Inn is hopping and we are hopping too!  LOL!  I am hoping I am so wrong but I think this is not going to be a pretty picture.  I told Vicki that we might have to spend the night there and she looked at me like I had lost my mind and all of my teeth too!  lol!  I am not going to finish this until we get back from her arriving home!

Only an hour and we leave......I am a bit nervous......Vickiis too tired to be nervous!

We are back and Rosine is in her room in her bed and she says she is staying in the bed because the doctor physical therapy...he did not physical activity!  Tomorrow Sheryl and Rosine will duke it out and we will see who wins.....Sheyl is determined to get her out of has been a week so this is not going to be fun!  We plan to go to Costco in the morning so that we won't know what is happening....yes, I mean we are hiding at Costco so that we won't have to deal with what is long do you think they will let us hide in there?  lol!

Going to bed now!

Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14, Hanging in thee!

Today is Friday...I have been awake since 4:30 and it still is not time to get up yet.  The plan for today is to go to Starbucks, go see Rosine and then go over to her place and start cleaning it out.  At 12:45 we have lunch with Rita and Mary.  That will be a nice break in the day!

Last night when Vicki talked to Rosine,  she was coughing.  They drained the water off her heart and then her sodium dropped to low, then they had to put the water back in and then she started coughing.  Vicki's brother is driving down from Durango today.  Tomorrow we will finish up the room with him!

Sandi arrives back in Phoenix tomorrow, so that will be nice!

Today is a big day for Irwin.  He has a funeral to attend, a meeting and a service tonight!  This will make it a 15 hour day and Sandi, his co-pilot will not be back in town until tomorrow!  15 hour days seem like too long for us oldies!  lol!

Mary and Rita are our friends and are avid Mercury fans.  What we really like about them is that it is so easy to be with them.  They are smart and funny and live life to it's fullest!

We visited with Rosine and she was not a perky today as she was yesterday!  It is very hot out today, Vicki and I took all the clothes out of Rosine's closet and took them to the GoodWill!  I was not very perky either so it was decided to take me home!  I am colling down now so I think I will live another day!  lol!                                                              

Now these two are a whole different story...they are both and funny too but flakier than hell!  lol! OMG! Sandi...what is with the glob on the top of your head?  lol!

Well, here we are with no port to pull into to have some cabin to retreat dear dad letters ....and no room service!  Don't know what I will do!  lol!
                                            Just think....we could be on a cruise right now!  lol!