Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 3

Well, today was the day of our big adventure.  In my mind I knew exactly where we going!  The only problem with my mind was that it was about 20 years out of date!  Yes, the Starbucks was there, right where the nice man said it would be...I want to slap him...my minds eye did not see what I thought should be there and only God knows where Bird Rock was...and I hope you enjoyed the pictures yesterday because it was gray there  and so was the water!  duh! So, here are the pictures of us having Starbucks overlooking the ocean at Bird Rock, La Jolla CA!  lol!

     Well, here we are at Starbucks at Bird Rock.  I really like Mark and Tami's Starbucks much better                                              
       I don't see the birds, the rocks or the ocean!                                                                        
                 This is a wonderful ocean view....it takes my breath away! Where is that
                                           nice man....I might have to wack him aside the head!  lol!
Here comes Vicki, right across our ocean view......did not know she could walk on water!  lol!                                                                           
I  knew we would see a beautiful ship on the water!  Wow, this is like nothing I have ever seen!  lol!

There is a lot of traffic on the ocean today  This is a very busy place and it was a new adventure for us.....now we can say we have been here and we will know what people are talking about when they talk about the ocean view at Bird Rock!

Now if you look straight ahead you can barely see the ocean!.....Try harder....I think you can do it!  lol!

We just had another adventure...we took a walk , maybe6 blocks and had a bite to eat at Origano's I Italian restaurant!    We ordered a breakfast pizza, eggs, bell peppers and chorizo with truffle french fries!  It was very good and it was the first time we have eaten there.  It is right next door to the ice cream store!

         I am glad you suggested this...I really needed to have something to eat!                    
This is very relaxing....wish we had ordered some wine!  It is fun checking out new places especially when they are so close to the house!  We are really doing a good job!
                    I always forget to take the picture of the food and then I held the camera up too high!  lol

Did I hear you say we are meeting Lou for dinner in 2 hours?  I may just consider having dessert!  lol!
Yes, we ate with Lou and I forgot to take a new picture of him.....please remind me.....I had the phone on the table and it did not even remind me!  We enjoyed talking with Lou and hearing about all of his adventures both past and in the future.  Next week he will be retired 1 year and he just keeps on traveling!  Go Lou!                                                               

Tomorrow we were suppose to meet Rita and Mary, in Las Vegas, at Blueberry Hill for breakfast.....eat up girls!  We will be thinking about you!  We will be at the Original House of Pancakes in San Diego and we will be thinking of you.......as much as we are loving it here....we are missing our wonderful room that we were going to have at Palazzo Hotel!

Rita and Mary in Las Vegas!

You step down into the living room and it is so cool!

We were really looking forward to this room and it is sad we were forced to cancel the reservations.  Maybe we can drop buy there in September on our way back over here!  Yah, what a good idea!  Glad I thought of it!  lol!

Be careful out there!

Day 2, bought a Murphy Bed

This morning we met Mary Lou at Starbucks for coffee!  Unfortunately, for us,  this Starbucks has not changed over to the new bakery and so we had a piece of pumpkin bread.  And then I forgot to take a picture of Mary Lou!  I did get a picture ,last night, of a plant.  It is really pretty!

We are trying to do something to the condo every time we come over here.  We figure that maybe by the time we move back over here we will have it all fixed up!  We weren't going to do anything this trip but we decided to go ahead and order the Murphy Bed!  It will be here about the 15th of September!  This way we won't have anyone sleeping in the living room.  It was really hard to do that because this is a very small apartment!

This will be a good thing and will make it easier for us...simplify, simplify, simplify!

Vicki and I went for a walk up the street to the Jelato place.  We talked to a couple of really nice ladies and had some wonderful ice cream.....wonderfully expensive, it was , it was!  But it is my Birthday week and it is all about me and I can have anything I want....Now, let me think about that!  lol!

Jerry is coming down for cocktails at 4:15.  We will have a good chat and have some wine too!
The ladies that we talked to, told us about a restaurant called The Smokey Goat!  It sounds really good, I think!  lol!

Tomorrow we are going to go to the Starbucks at Bird Rock, La Jolla.  It is suppose to have a very big store with an ocean view!

It will be exciting to see what the area looks like!  This is the beach where I almost drown when I was14.
We will take pictures and tell you all about it tomorrow!

Monday, July 29, 2013

San Diego

Left Sun City West yesterday and arrived here today.  The weather is beautiful and Vicki is going to have a hard time getting me to go back to Arizona.

We are in a period of transition and it is good we are spending the week here!  My birthday is on Thursday and this the best place to be spending it!  We need a little time to regroup as Sandi and Irwin have uninvited us to be part of the coffee group!  They told us on Thursday night, the night before my procedure and we were both devastated.  I tell you this because it was very traumatizing and we still are unsure exactly what happened.  Neverthe less we will be starting a whole new routine.  Today we cancelled all of our hair appointments as we go to the same hairdresser!  So, life goes on and so will we!

I am having a hard time with computer.....it is almost 7 years old....maybe this is the problem!  lol!

We stopped at In & Out Burger for lunch and then went to dinner with Jerry and had Mexican food and I had a sangria!
I took a couple of pictures today but do not seem to be able to upload them.

I am feeling fine after my procedure and am in hopes I am finished with the  run away heart thing!  lol!

Be careful out there!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The procedure went right along as scheduled.  I did not find out until I got there that I was going to have my favorite anesthesia, I thought I was going to be partially awake and I was not happy about that! The doctor was quite pleased....he said he went in, I went right into XVT....he zapped the spot...then he tried to make it happen again and wha-la, I was fixed!  I told him that I had a bad night emotionally and I was sure I could flip it over for him....he wanted to wait until we got in the OR!  lol!When he was finished he came in and told me that there was a 95% chance I was cured.  He was able to do the procedure in record breaking time!. He went out to talk to Vicki and just about scared her because he had not been in there long enough!  lol!  It was long enough for me! lol!

Tomorrow we are having coffee with the family at our favorite Starbucks.  I am going to have a Chai Tea Latte!  It will be free and it will be my first real shot of caffeine since the 4th of July!  What is even better is that it will be free!  We will then go to see Rosine and then head for Yuma.  We will stay at the Casino tomorrow night!

Today is Nancy and Bob's dog's birthday!  He is 6 years old and he is almost human
                                                             What a cute baby!

We went over and sawRosine this morning....she was taking a little nap...it is always a shock to her system when we wake her up but it is always right before she goes to lunch so we don't feel guilty.  She was not perky and today she really looked old.  She said that she has already lived too long...she also said that they give her the mini mental status to check for Alzheimers.  This is good....but she did say that Lincolin was president, with a smile on her face1

No blog tomorrow night as we will  be traveling!

Be careful out there!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tomorrow is the day!

I would like to say that today was like any other day and it was....business as usual!
Not true but I am not going to bore you with the details!

Tomorrow is my procedure and I will be glad to have it over with.
I would really like a Chai Tea Latte, so maybe on Saturday I can have one.  I have not been having caffeine since my episode on July 4th

We went to see Rosine and she was so nice we thought it was another person.  lol!  We took her upstairs to see her old room with the new paint and the new carpet.  She even said Thank YOU!

Rosine is looking good!  It is hard to believe she is 94 years old!

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have changed our plans for my birthday.  We will be going to San Diego instead of Las Vegas!  I am sure we will enjoy the cooler temperatures and I get a free dessert at True Food Kitchen!  Yum, yum!  I will miss having blueberry pancakes at Blueberry Hill in Vegas.....I will find some in San Diego!

This is all I am good for today.  Will  not blog tomorrow!

Be careful out there!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandpa Rolf!

Okay, here we are again.  This is day 3 of the diet and I have gone down 3 pounds.....only 13 more days and I will be at my first goal and I may just stay there!  lol!

Had coffee today with Sandi and Irwin.  It was very noisy in Starbucks and we hate the new pastries!, not that we had any!

Today is Grandpa Rolf's birthday.  He turned 72 today and he is a retired Episcopal priest which most of you know!  Rolf spent his birthday with Davin and Amy in North Kansas City!

                                         Happy Birthday to ME!  I am having a great time!

                              You are not going to believe this but the flowers dropped off!  So sad!

My sisters puppies...they all just went to the beauty shop and are beautiful and smell solo pretty!

                                                Amy's cat Sidney is having a nice rest!

                   Davin's cat Ella does not want to be disturbed as she is on line!

                                            I think this is another one of Amy's cats!  lol!

Today I called Rosine and asked her if it was all right if I come to see her tomorrow....will you throw me out when I come through the door?.....Why would I do that ? she said!  Okay!!!! Everything is back to normal!

Now about Anthony Weiner....I just heard about the "peter tweeters"  and if it was not a problem of addiction...I could laugh my head off!

Be careful out there

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome to the Royal Baby, Prince of Cambridge!

Today is a big day in the British Empire!  The first viewing of the Royal Family with their little Prince!  We sure could use some excitement of a positive note....here in our country!  Maybe this is part of our problem...not enough tradition and sanctity of life!                           

                      The Royal Family following the traditions of their history!

                 Yes, you are not seeing things.....the blossom changed colors right before our very eyes!

 This is a new one!  Mark just cut this cactus back as it was hitting the roof...now I think it might lift the roof off!  lol!

This one looks like it is turning color! 

We had a chocolate muffin for breakfast and it was really good.  This is our lunch...black beans and rice, snap peas, baby carrots,a piece of string cheese and 2 small peppers!  Very healthy!

Our afternoon snack...Vicki had blueberries and I had pineapple and mangos!

                                   Vicki is preparing a salad...yes, plain assorted lettuces!

Hmmm this was not a good choice....mac and cheese, about 1/4 serving and a piece of sandwich bun...oops!  forgot the veggies!  It would have helped the color anyway!

                   This is carrot cake, about 1/8 serving and a yogurt, at least it was the regular size!

Our friends Rita and Mary have these 3 wonderful cats!  Rita and Mary  takes so many interesting pictures of them.  As you can see, they each have a bed on the patio and are quite at home taking up all the good viewing area!  lol!

 They are amazing with their curiosity.  Too bad more people don't have the same gift....maybe they do and don't know how to use it....just sit and watch the cats for awhile!!

Girls!  Don't forget  our date at Blueberry Hill on August 1st!

Rosine is doing fine!  Vicki talked to her on the phone today!

Be careful out there!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Friday is the day!

The only news I have today is that I am going to have my procedure on Friday at 8:00.  It will be good to get it over with and see if it works.  I can still go to Las Vegas on Monday, This is good!

Today we started on Nutrisystems and so far all is well!

We did not see Rosine today.

This is basically it...no news is good news!

Congratulations to Prince William and Duchess Kate on the arrival of their little Prince!

Be careful out there!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finally a break in the temperatures!

Today was a nice temperature day , the first in a long time!
It never did actually rain on this side of town but the relief was significant!

Last night when Mark and Tami were here, Mark discovered that the cactus bush that he had cut back was now, in fact, ready to bloom.  What a surprise for all of us!So, we along with the Royals, are on baby alert.  We must check the blooms everyday or we could miss the event!

I do think these flowers will be really pretty! 
So far I only see two blooms!

We had a few plans for today but they went by the wayside.  The plans included going to Costco and then out for dinner.  Neither thing came to pass.  Early in the day when we went to see Rosine there was a problem!  After being ejected from Rosines place, neither of us felt like doing much of anything.  So, we went home and hung out!

So, there goes our weekend!  And it is all over and we are ready to start a new week.  Tomorrow starts with starting Nutrisystem and then going to the EP doctor at 1:30 followed with a hair cut at 3:30,  I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well, whatever that means!

Will say goodnight for now!

Be careful out there!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

I've been robbed! lol!

Today our day started at..........Starbucks with George, Sally, Irwin and Sandi!
We had a nice visit and solved all the problems of the world!  lol!

After coffee we went to see Rosine....yes, we were very scared!  lol!  We pretended like nothing happened yesterday and Rosine either pretended or forgot what happened !  All went fine...everyone behaved themselves and the visit went well!  She is asleep when we get there....she says it is because they get her up at 6:30....she went to bed at 8:30 last night and she said she went right to sleep!
We left Rosine and went home and had lunch and then at 3:00 we went to Arrowhead Mall.  I am telling you....from the time we left the house until we got home at 8:00 I was so hot I could not believe it.  Vicki was very hot too!  I guess it was the high humidity today but it was not even cool in the mall especially by the food court!

We went to Century Link and changed our service from Cox to them.  Irwin and Sandi went earlier  and they did the same thing!  We will be saving about $600 per year!  That is a good thing!

I have my doctor's appointment on Monday and I am glad as I have been having palpitations almost every night.  Mark thinks that the proceedure will be within a week to 10 days!  It won't be long and I will know!

After the Mall we met the family at Fire Bird for dinner!                            

                  This is J.T. and Mark....J.T. was our waiter when we came here for Aaron's 21st birthday!

                        I am not sure what Joshua is talking about other than the bright flash on my iPhone!  lol

                             And this is Aaron!  lol!  You are messing with your Nana, bad boy!  lol!

Let me see, Tami has been in my closet, my jewelry box , the refrigerator and the Nutrisystem closet!  She really  should come visit more often!  lol!

              Watch her Sandi....Tami will steal you blind!  lol!  Oops, I can't believe I said that!  lol!

Everything is neatly packed and I think she she does not think that I see the 2 boxes of jewelry!  lol!

Yes, we gave her the 2 boxes of jewelry to sort through  and yes, I told her she could borrow a week's worth of Nutrisystem products so she can start on the plan on Monday!

Okay it is time for me to go to bed!

Be careful out there!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Dull Day!

There is not a whole lot to report for today.  Aside from going to coffee with Sandi and Irwin, we went to Subway for lunch and we had only 1  other event for the day!!

We went to see Rosine today and we promptly got ourselves kicked out!  Yes, we did!  What it boils down to is that Rosine talked to her friend today and we asked her if she had told her that she had been in the hospital.  That is when she started yelling at us and told us if we told her we could never come and see her again and then she yelled at us to get out!  Out the door we flew....what a trip she is....so, we have been at home hiding and hoping no one will find us behind our closed curtains!  lol!

Now, I think that is enough for today.....maybe tomorrow will be better!

Be careful out there!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dentist for Vicki

This morning we met the gang at Paradise Bakery.....yes, I had a peach muffin....3 days and counting!
Tomorrow we will be back at Starbucks and we will see how that goes....hopefully there will only be our usual group there!

After we left coffee, we went to see Rosine.  She was busy beautifying herself and getting ready to go to lunch!  She was very happy that Vicki brought her clip on earrings....now she will feel better about how she looks.  Of course, we volunteered to go on a safari to find her more clip on earrings.  I suggested we go to Africa to search but I don't think she liked that idea very well!  lol!
She is beautiful and all ready to go to lunch!

Vicki is now at the dentist getting a crown.  I have been on my computer since she left.....she will be home within the next 30 minutes!  Well, she is home and does not seem any worse for ware.

I was just standing in the kitchen, looking out the window.....I have 2 hanging baskets of flowers in our little front courtyard.  As I was standing there I saw a bird fly into the basket....I guess there is a nest in there on top of my battery pack!  I took some pictures but am not sure you can see the mommy sitting in there....anyway she was sitting in there until I shook the basket and she shrieked and flew across the courtyard!  lol!e

Come out, come out, wherever you are!  I know you are in there....pooping all over my battery pack!                                  

I know you are in there.....too bad your little head is not poking out!

Who knows how many birds there will be!

I think this is abot all the excitement we can stand for one day!  But, then who knows?

Be careful out there!