Friday, July 25, 2014

Let's get going!

Hi, everyone!  I have been being so lazy.  Have not been walking and getting my 10,000 steps in .....well, I am doing it for the week but you all know it is suppose to be per day!

Today , I took down the black accessories in the guest bathroom and changed the color scheme.  The colors I have chosen look much better.  Poor Vicki gets confused when I start doing things like this as she has a hard time with visualizing.  I did try it with all white towels but it drew your eyes to the towels while with the beige it pulled the colors out of the pictures!  Those of you who have seen the black accessories in the bathroom will say….I didn't like it anyway!  lol!

It really does make a big difference and when we get ready to sell the house it will make a big difference!  I do think that I need a new set of towels to make it better….wish I has taken a before picture!

Davin and Amy are having plumbing problems and just sent a few snaps.  The owners lied about the house but the inspector passed it when he inspected it.  the plumber says nothing is up to code....he is a friend of Davin's!  There is also a problem with the foundation....a $7K problem.

OOPS! These are the cats not the pipes!  lol!

                                               Shelly is dancing because she has a new purse!

Now, this is a bad looking pair of feet!  Shelly has to go with what she has to work with!

                                           These are better but not by much!

Out to dinner with Rita and Mary….where are they anyway?

I had to go out to the car and get my scarf….it is too cold on my neck!  Besides I can get extra steps!  lol!  Thank you God, Vicki is feeling much better and she is having 3 shots on the 12th when we get back!

 I really like these scarves….they are so good to keep the air-conditioning off of you!

I think we are really cute…..and so are the scarves!  lol!

Introducing our new office space….wall 1, Murphy bed, 2 pictures and a crooked pole light!  lol!

This is my little corner of our office…..the Murphy bed rules!

This is where Vicki now  resides….it has turned out great and makes it a really nice sized room!

Now, I am really impressed with myself and Vicki is so pleased that she can't believe it.  At some point and it may be soon……we will get real computer chairs!

For now I will say good night!

Be careful out there!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Belated Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!
We arrived home from Kansas City on Monday the 30th.  We have been very busy with appointments.....Vicki has gone to therapy 3 days in a row, this week!Hopefully we will have it together this next week!

We had a great time in K.C.  We had fun visiting with the kids and going to Starbucks in the Plaza, everyday!

Friday was when we went to the Casino and I got my wallet stolen.  It has not been resolved.....I am missing 1K from my checking account.  Hopefully it will be resolved on Monday!

                                                      Aren't fireworks wonderful?

                                           This little fountain was by our hotel!

                 Here are some photos of the many fountains in the Kansas City area!

             It is really too bad that I don't know where these fountains are located.

                                            The Plaza is so special....especially at night!

                               This one is located in the Plaza park!

                                               I don't know for sure where this one is ...but it is near the Plaza!

          Here is to giving you a good view of some of the fountains in Kansas City

   We are at the Outlet Mall and I will be robbed within the next hour!  lol!Here is Nana with her two sons!  Why won't these people smile when they get their pictures taken?  Oops!  They are!

Here we are at the hotel pool.....why did I not take a picture of it?  Amy and her husband Dexter got did Todd and Melinda!  We tried to not eat all the candy while they were gone!

Notice that what is left of the mint patties is sitting in front of that to keep it away from me!

         We had water and 2 mint patties for dessert while at the pool.  Each pattie weighed 1/2 pound!

                   Davin and Amy, along with Vicki and me , did not get into the pool.  It was too cold!

Back  to the Vera Bradley Store to get another coin purse.  What is the point?  You are right...I have no credit card, no money and ID....I still want to go to  the Vera Bradley Store ..I still want it!
Now we are home and I have a credit card, a debit card, ID and even some money and they all look good in my new coin purse!  The bank has put the $1K back in my checking account and all is right with the world!

                                             This is our last night in KC!  What a beautiful sunset!

  That is just about perfect....Josh and Mark .moved the TV out of the other room into the living room!

 What a difference this makes .....I hope Nana and Vicki like it and don't want us to move it for a 4th time!

               Here Mark, Tami and Josh are in San Diego, enjoying the game and the view!

Well Rosine wants to look at herself in the mirror....AGAIN.....I look pretty damned good for an old fart!
Update, July 11, someone stole Rosines scarf today and I am sure that they will be dead if she ever finds out who did it!

This patio area is where I wait for Vicki while she has P.T.  While she is in there I walk and dance around in a circle!  Well, today I did not want to do it so I sat in the cafe and worked on my scarves!

I think I am not going to Jenny anymore....I just saw the cupcakes that Bobby posted and it sent me over the edge!

                                 I said I am not going......I mean it .....just give me the cupcakes!

I am not going either......I want Bobby's cupcakes too!  You need to call Jenny and tell her good-bye and while you have her on the phone tell her that her cupcakes are not big enough and we want Bobby's with ice cream .....Please!

             4th of July and Mark and Joshua are having a good time at the baseball game in San Diego!

We got our fit bits all set up and the family is on the run.....Melinda, Mark, Molly , Vicki, Tami and me.We are all running all over the place! AND Melinda, who sits in a truck all day is in first place, Molly and Mark, the nurses, are in second and third place, Mark does spend the day in the operating room!  

This will be fun.  Todd is on the Garman and so he is not in our group!