Wednesday, October 29, 2014

San Pedro, California

Here we are and are we excited!  Having been born in San Diego, I always feel a strong draw to the Pacific Ocean.  Surprising enough, even though we lived only 6 miles from the ocean, it was not very often that we got to go there.  Once I was a teenager and could use public transportation I was able to go more often with my friends.  I can only remember almost drowning one time.  Of course I never told my mother about this event.  Vicki and I have made many trips to the beach where we walked in the water or on the sidewalks.  We do love to go to Pacific Beach and have lobster tacos!

We always have a lot of Mexican Food while on the coast.  It is so fun to be able to decide to go to the beach for lunch and in 15 minutes you are there.  We are so lucky to be going on this cruise and doing what we love to do!

San Pedro is a beautiful place and we will go to our favorite Starbucks!  lol!

This makes you want to at least go wading!

Let the cruise begin!

I am not making any promises about the blog as it all depends on the internet.  So far tonight it has not been good

This is the view from our room.            

This is me before I became a redhead again!

We are done...the internet is awful!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Mexico here we come!

Tomorrow we will be leaving for San Pedro.  We will be spending 2 nights there and will board the ship on Thursday, about noon. We are really looking forward to the trip and of course, the Mexico flair!

Now, it seems that everything is about the social media and as of recent items, the availability of the new iPhone 6.  It is amazing how focused people are on their phones....

Sandi is sporting an iPhone 4S and Irwin has a n iPhone 5....time for a new one!  They seem to be enjoying the old models!lol!  Things are not the same at Apple since Steve Jobs is gone.  I still have this sense of urgency when I pass an Apple Store!  "is there something in there calling to me?"

Vicki is out running around and I am waiting for Prism to come and hook up the T.V.

I am basically all much easier when you are driving instead of flying!  We will have a full day in San Pedro so maybe we can find something interesting!

I accidentally bought a new Vera Bradly purse.....I can't help but believe that it might disappear when my granddaughter comes to visit in December.  Molly loves green and so do I!

I am wondering if I should go outside and put the Christmas lights, I will not turn them on until Thanksgiving!
Now, I know you all think it is too early for Christmas but according to my son Todd, "it is never too early to decorate for Christmas"  To set all of your minds at ease....I won't turn the lights on until at least the 15 of November!  lol!

This picture was taken right before 9/11 in a little village in Washington!

I love Christmas and Santa even in August in Washington!

Am trying to post every other day!



Saturday, October 25, 2014

I'm back!

Decided to start writing the blog again.  So here goes!

Today Vicki and I went to Starbucks....we were late and there was no one there that we knew.  I will say though, by the time I got to the counter, my drinks were sitting there waiting for me!  Now that is really good service!
Here we are doing what we do best!  eating and drinking!

We can't help it.....we are addicted to Starbucks!

Next stop was to see Rosine....There she was ....sleeping in her chair!  Not for long.....we shook her until she woke up and screamed at us!
On Sunday when we got there...there she was waiting for the Bronco game to start....she was not disappointed!

I am one happy camper......I have not had a beer in a long time and look at my new Broncos shirt!

Next we were off to meet Rita and Mary for lunch at the new Kneaders Restaurant!
I t is always so refreshing to have lunch with them!  We always enjoy talking about the latest Apple products.  Rita absolutely loves the new iPhone 6 but is most interested in the watch that will be coming out soon!

Rita and Mary ....their first visit to Kneader's!

This turkey sandwich was quite good....we were good and did not eat dessert!

Congratulations to Davin who has lost 21 pounds!  He used his Fitbit and logged all of his food on  Good job Davin....hopefully your mother will follow your good example!

As some of you know.....we are leaving on Wednesday on a cruise to Mexico.  We will be gone for 10 days.....our first port on Friday will be San Diego.  Yes, it is true....Mary Lou will be meeting us for lunch.  We will also visit Cabo, La Paz, Loreto and of course, Puerto Vallarta!

I will write often but may not make it everyday!