Friday, February 28, 2014

Let's have Mexican Food!

Today  we went to Starbucks at 99th street.  After coffee we went next door to the medical supply store and looked at recliner chairs......the kind you can sleep in and then it will lift you to a standing position!
                          This chair feels pretty good but I think we should check on some other brands!

This is not as comfortable as I thought it would be....let's look around!
Now I must tell you about our adventure yesterday.  We went into Kyles Shoe store.  Vicki went in ahead of me and was in the back of the store when I got there...I could hear her talking to the nice 85 year old man as I walked into the store.  Then I heard this conversation,  Your hair is so pretty, he needs to be cut, she, don't cut it, it is beautiful he said....don't you cut your hair...if you do, I want the curls...on March 10th when we get our hair cut I will take a plastic bag and collect the curls for him!  I can't help but wonder what he will do with them!  lol!

Tonight we went out to dinner with the girls.  Mexican food , of course.

   The girls......Bev, Betty, me, Vicki, and Mary on the top picture and Rita in the bottom picture!

                Bev is a retired nurse and Betty is a retired Realtor.

In this picture we added Mary and I don't know what happened to the picture with Rita in it.

Rita is a celebrity, she is on the Surprise TV station and is a computer wiz and does wonderful things with photos.Mary is a numbers person ...income taxes , poker wiz.  This is a fun little group.  Rita and Mary have 5,231  friends and are very busy people!

Rita took a video at dinner but I could not get it uploaded.



Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Another adventure!

Today we had to be out of the house early as the cleaning lady came.  So, at 8:00 we were out the door and headed for Starbucks.  There were not many people there as we were really early!

Surprise, surprise, next we went to Curves and made an appearance....also we worked out.

Next on our list was to go to Joann's to look at some more flannel for Todd's quilt.  I did find one more pattern and it was on sale for under $3 per yard.  Had I known it was so cheap I would have bought more.

Next, we went out to Mark and Tami's area where we think we might someday move.  Of course, we would not tell Rosine as she does not need to know.  These are apartments and it would allow us to be close to our nurses, Mark and Tami.  As I said yesterday...Rosine is shooting for 115 and although she may make it we may not make it!  lol!  Who knows when we would do this but it also has nothing to do with the condo in San Diego!


The grounds are very   nice and the apartment has 3 bedrooms, a lake view and maybe a fireplace!

So, at least we know where we want to go when we get ready to sell this place.

We do have fun adventures and one never knows what we will be into at any given time!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just strolling along!

Today we went to see Rosine and I put her new Easter Bunny pillowcase on her she can dream about marshmallow bunnies covered in chocolate!  I hope she does not try to eat the pillowcase!  Overall Rosine is doing fine and today did not deny that she is shooting for being 115!

  While we were watching T.V. tonight we got a text from our friend Lou....Lou was enjoying his last  night in Honolulu!

Lou was with us when we were on the Ruby Princess from Italy.  He has been having a wonderful time traveling all over the United States and elsewhere for the past 2 years!  We are hoping to do another cruise with him.

             The Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki Beach!

Let's see, I went to the dentist today to find out what is wrong with a sore spot in my mouth.  He basically said it was caused from stress....stress?...why would have I been under stress?

Let's see now....I have lost 14 this normal?  Will ask the doctor.

Tomorrow Vicki has an appointment with my GI doctor......this doctor thing is getting old!

Today I also worked a little while on a quilt for Lou and also worked on Hillary's.  It is good getting back to being creative.

Tomorrow we will be going to Starbucks and then to Curves to exercise and then we will go shopping and out to lunch before Vicki's doctors appointment at 2:00.  Poor Vicki was working on income taxes today!

That's all for today!


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Here we are....back sewing!

We got home from San Diego yesterday.  We enjoyed having access to everything and the only thing on our list that we did not do was to go to the zoo!
On our way home we stopped in Yuma and had dinner with Judy and Olias.  It was a very good dinner and it hit the spot!

Little Peanut, my adopted dog, just had a bath and a trim so he was rather timid!

Olias made us tasty smoked chicken breasts.  We also had potatoes and a delicious salad!

Judy is a good cook too...she made us Red Lobster biscuits!  They were very good!

Today we started the day by meeting the kids, grown kids, at IHOP for breakfast!  We had a nice visit, getting caught up on what they have been doing.  It is only 3 weeks until they go to Australia for the opening game of the Diamondbacks.  Kotie, the dog, will be staying with us!

Mark is trying to look Presidential....not working!

Josh told us all about his job and his annual review...he got a good one and he got a raise!

Tami has to go to guard next Friday...she was very happy with the watch Vicki gave her!

Rosine wanted to know why she needed to have her picture taken....we told her because Susie and Shelley want to see how you are doing!

                            Vicki is busy counting out our pills for the next 2 weeks!

             Okay, today is the day I start sewing...a pillowcase for Rosine and then back to the Quilts!

Here it is and tomorrow I will get busy and finish the quilt for Hillary!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Going home tomorrow!

We have decided that we will go home tomorrow morning after coffee!  We will be loosing an hour traveling east so we will spend the night in Yuma!

Today we went back to Rosie's quilt shop and picked up some material for an Easter pillowcase for Rosine.  Then we went and had a hot dog or two and went home!
Rosie's has the largest selection of cotton fabric on the West Coast!

It is absolutely amazing!

Tonight we are having dinner with Jerry and then we will get ready to go home!
I am not having the blue light treatment on my face until the 5th of March.  I could not face it on this next Tuesday!

This is all for today!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hump day! 2 days and we go home!

I did not write the blog yesterday.  We did our usual followed by a tour around IKEA and then lunch at IHOP.  It was fun looking at all the stuff at Ikea but did not find anything that I had to have right now!  Jerry came up for cocktails and that rounded out the day.

                                                                The temperature took a dip!

Today we met Mary Lou at Starbucks and had our little morning chit chat.  Vicki and I then went up to Rosies Quilt shop and I bought material for Todd's throw.  By the time I get it done he will have to wait until next winter to use it!  After the quilt shop we drove out to the beach and had lunch at World Famous.  It was quite nice and the sun was trying hard to come out!


I do think that Vicki is addicted to her phone and the World's latest news!  Here we are at the beach for lunch!
Vicki had crab cake sliders and I had half of a hamburger, my first since my surgery!

                                I am waiting for a hamburger…..hope it is good!

Beautiful Day!

The lunch was okay…...

                                   But I would have rather had this…..

The water is too cold….you can tell it is winter!  lol!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Found the Purse!

Today we were expecting a foggy morning and much to our surprise the sun was brightly shining.The  temperature and the bright sun did not connect in my mind as I was cold and needed a jacket!  I think since we were 3 miles from the ocean and the fog that the wind was cold!
              After having breakfast at Starbucks we headed down the road to the mall to find a purse for Vicki!

         And here is the purse…it is really pretty and I got the little one just like it and Vicki got a polka dot little one too!

           Just sat down for a minute…it will soon be time to meet Mary Lou for lunch.  We are meeting her at Oggie's!

                      Evidently Oliver did not like his Spa Day!

Had cocktails with Jerry and that was it for the day!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lazy Day!

Another beautiful day in Paradise!  Went down to Mission Valley to Starbucks.  Came home and Jerry called to say he did not feel well and would not be going to the outlets with us.

So, off we went to see what we could find.  We were looking for purses but we did not find any!
The temperature was cool and close to needing a sweater!
  Little did we know that we were not going to find any purses!  We spotted a Subway and decided to try their new Chicken Enchilada Sandwich….it was not good!

                       For those of you who do not know San Diego….66 degrees is quite chilly!

Tracey shared a picture of her enjoying her quilt….and her cat loves it too!  Glad to see you are enjoying it Tracey!

Okay, I am done for the day!


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Vicki!

69 years ago today , in a log cabin, somewhere in the mountains of Colorado, a baby was born…it was not Vicki !  Vicki and her little 3 pound body were born in a hospital in PuebloColorado.  My has she changed in those 69 years!  Happy Birthday Vicki!

Of course, we met Mary Lou at Starbucks.  It was nice to celebrate Vicki's birthday with her.  Tonight we will be going to dinner with Jerry!  Tomorrow we will go to the outlets and I will buy Vicki a purse for her birthday!
Happy B irthday to me!  I can't believe that I am 69 years old!

You are the baby of the group!  We are all wishing that we were 69 right along with you!

I can also remember when we all weighed 130 and thought we were fat!

There is no way we can be OLD like those old farts in Sun City West…it is all a big mistake!

The end to a nice Birthday for Vicki!
                     Tomorrow we will shop!


Friday, February 14, 2014

Here we are in San Diego! Happy Valentines Day!


Yesterday we arrived in San Diego after spending the night in Yuma!  We went out to dinner with Judy and Olie and then came back to their house and sat outside and talked for awhile.

It was really nice outside!

                                          We all enjoyed the Chinese food we had

                     It was a long day and I got really tired

Today is Valentines Day and Vicki and I walked to Starbucks.  I was not sure I was going to make it…A really nice guy came over to us and gave us his table as it was packed…my guess is that I looked like I was about to drop…that is how I felt anyway!

After walking home and resting for an hour we took off for Mission Valley and met Mary Lou , at Islands and had lunch.  I tried some french fries and I am still here!  We had a nice visit and tried to figure out how we got here….that is our age….this was not in our plan 55 years ago!

After lunch Vicki and I went to Walmart to get a few things!  I would say that this constituted a full day

Tomorrow is Vicki's Birthday….she had better turn up in some of the pictures


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It is Spring in Arizona!

By the end of this week we will be seeing temperatures in the high 80's with a possibility of reaching 90 on a record breaking date.  The earliest recorded 90 degree date is February the 24th and the temperatures should now be averaging in the 70's.  In keeping with the spirt of Spring, I stole a picture from Bobby Siow!

                                                 Thank You Bobby!  What a great picture!

Shirley Temple, THE child star of my generation.  What wonderful movies were created staring her.What a darling ...she will be missed!

We decided to stay home this morning and not go to Starbucks.  Our appointment with Shelly is not until 12:45 so we have some time to mess around.

I guess I have stopped loosing weight.  I went up a pound in the last few days.  I am getting really antsy and am finding it hard to sit still.  Need to get moving although I am not sure where to move....Kansas City, San Diego, New York, Boise  or even Atlanta...decisions, decisions!

Well, I guess I will go and get dressed so that I can work on this moving task!  lol!
Was not too perky today.  Went and had our toes done and enjoyed visiting with Shelly.....she is so sweet!

   I have to see what is going on.....I am addicted!  Order me eggs!

Just bring me the eggs....I need protein!

This is where all the old farts go for breakfast, lunch and dinner....they all look so old!

                                                Today's specials at the Hole in 1!

Leaving for Yuma tomorrow about noon!