Thursday, August 7, 2014

Leaving San Diego tomorrow!

Like all good things, our trip to San Diego must come to an end.  We got a lot accomplished but still have a lot to do!

Yesterday we went down to the Valley for coffee.  It was just Vicki and me but we seemed to make it okay!  We left coffee and went to get the dirty car washed!

Here we are and Vicki is checking the news to see if we are all here!     

As usual I am hydrating and people watching.  There is a nice breeze and I know I am in Paradise!

What a wonderful photo….it looks like we are in the mountains and I can feel the ocean breeze!

Next we went to Lazy Boy and bought a little table….then we went to Pier 1 and looked around….since my favorite sandwich shop is next to Lazy Boy….well, the turkey dinner sandwich was calling me….it is called the Bobby….he should not have called me like that because ….I ate him!  lol!

Today we had to be out of the house all day as the cleaning lady was coming.  We did not get back until 3:30 this afternoon.  We were busy bee's and did not even spend any money…that is because we spent all we had yesterday and we are fresh out!

We were going to meet Mary Lou and her grand-daughter for coffee but it did not work out!  So, we went by our selves….we are getting pretty good at it!  lol!

After coffee we headed over to Good Will to drop off a bag of clothes.  Next stop was Seaport Village, where we were to pick up two glasses for Tami

It is so beautiful here at Seaport Village….you get a great view of the skyline……a view of the water and all kinds of shops to go into!

We feel right at home here even though it looks like they are expecting pirates or something!

There is a place here called "The Hot Lick" or as Vicki calls it…The Hot Chicken"

The grounds are beautiful and well maintained!

I don't really know the story behind this picture….I could make one up!

Just walking on the board walk….looking for the Turves store!

I wonder what happened to my pictures of the boats?

Oops!  There are the boats!

Now we are at Miguel's on Coronado Island and we are having Mexican food.  As much as I hate to say it….it was not as good as what we get in Sun City West!

We ate in the outside patio….did not have a Margarita!  Just a diet coke!

                               You know you are in Paradise when………...

On this note I am  going to say good-night….The bed is perfect…now for the pillows!

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