Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Running out of time in San Diego!

Here  we are …….another day in Paradise!  We started out by meeting Mary Lou at IKEA  for breakfast.  We had Swedish Pancakes.  It was aery good breakfast and no, I did not take a picture!

This picture was taken yesterday when I had curley hair.  It looked good for awhile and then it went crazy…….I am telling you this because so many of you liked it on Facebook!

Yesterday Vicki and I had lunch with Lou.  We went to a new Pizza place that is here in Hillcrest.  The pizza was quite good for a thin crust pizza and Vicki loved it because it was a thin crust pizza!

After breakfast we went to Best Buy and Vicki got a new Fitbit and I bought the new service contract on the TV.  We then went buy and picked up the new bedspread that was being washed so that all the extra fuzz would come off it!  It certainly made it puff up nicely!  Vicki was able to get her fitbit all set up, next she took her old one and set it up for me.  This accomplished …I said"  let's go to the beach and have lunch…and so we did!  We had wonderful lobster rolled tacos!

It is so beautiful out here….feel the nice ocean breeze…this is wonderful….what a good idea!

This is just like being on vacation!  Look at all of the young people…no walkers….no wheelchairs with old people in them…..it is so nice to vacation away from Sun City West!

Now, this is the life….beach traffic is starting to slow down as the kids are all getting ready for the fall!I know this is a shock having two blogs in a row….Don't get use to it!  lol!

Rosine is doing fine….a fat man fell down in her dining room…a fat lady tried to help him up…she fell on top of him…then they had trouble getting them both up!  Rosine's solution to the problem is….they are too fat to be here!  lol!


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