Friday, June 6, 2014

Finally a blog

This morning, Tuesday, we found my grand-daughter, Molly and her friend Stephanie on our front door.  Stephanie has a job follow up here at the School for the deaf.   They will be here today and tomorrow....they will spend the night at our house tonight and then go to Mark and Tami's tomorrow night!

"We are here!  Do you have any tape to put on our eyes as they don't want to stay open!"
The girls traveled all night ....wonder why their eyes won't stay open!  lol!Okay girls we are going to Starbucks and we will be back to get you at 11:00 and we will go running around and we will have lunch too!

On our way to lunch we took Stephanie past the School for the Deaf at 19th and Northern in Phoenix so she could see where she is going tomorrow!

Here we are at the Biltmore and it is beautiful but hotter than hell!  Oops!  Did I say that?This is where we ate last time....let's go to True Food this time!

You know I love True is one of my most favorite places!

The girls have perked up since they got 3 hours sleep!  I wonder how long they are good for?

Okay.....we ate at the we are looking at Kearland...where is the Gilato and when do we get to go swimming at Mark and Tami's?

They said that they could stay here for ever.......what does that mean.......are they moving in with Mark and Tami?  I know it is not us.......we do not have palm trees and a pool in our backyard!  lol!

They may be smiling but I do think they are fading!  It won't be long now and I think they are heading for bed!

We are too old for these whirlwind has only 24 hours ago they arrived and now they are gone least we will see them this evening!  By the way....what day did you say it is?  Really?

Today is Friday and it is Stephanie's birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE!  Now you are both 22 years old!

                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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