Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer is here.....just in case any of you are wondering where it is!

Happy Birthday Lou!  I know you are busy running around Alaska....hope you are having fun and that you know that we are thinking about you!  Happy Birthday!  Hope we will see you the end of July!

Yes, I know that I have not been doing my job.  What can I say?
Mark and Joshua will be happy to see that the courtyard has been trimmed and that the cactus has been dug up.  It only took them 11/2 hours.  They were really fast!

What a jungle and the cactus was trying to lift the roof off of the house!

This is really looking tacky...it grows so fast here!

Now this looks much better and the cactus is gone!

Makes me feel like I just got a haircut....oops!  I did!

Now I decided to put pictures of my tribe....sons and daughters!

This is Todd's wife Melinda....we will call her "middle daughter"

                              This is my daughter Tami, we will call her "oldest daughter"

This is Tami's husband and we will call him "middle son"

                      This is my son Davin, we will call him, "youngest son"

            This is Davin's wife, Amy, we       will call her " youngest daughter"

I will admit that they are a pretty good looking tribe!  I love all of you!

Now, about the new car.....yes, we love it......yes, it is beautiful but it has and will continue to cause me problems and great embarrassment!  Twice last week, both times , on the same day, I got into a white car that was not our car.  Unfortunately they were both unlocked....only because there were people in them!  Did you know that everyone in the world has a white car?  lol!  I hate it!

We have been very lazy....Vicki is still in pain with her neck and she starts physical therapy tomorrow.

On Monday we will be leaving for Kansas City to visit the sons and their wives.  We are looking forward to it and will enjoy seeing all of them and the grand kids too!

We were not happy when we checked in at Jenny Craig....at home we were down 6 pounds and when we got there we were only down 4.  Only 3 more pounds and I will be down to what I weighed after my surgery!

Since yesterday was our weigh in day....we decided to eat out last night.  We joined Rita and Mary at the Outback and Vicki and I shared a filet.  Right across the isle sat our friend Irwin.  He was out for dinner to have his steak and his wife Sandi had gone to Florida to see the grandkids!

We always have fun and enjoy seeing Rita and Mary and Rita always takes such cute pictures!


                                   WE ARE ALL SO CUTE!


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