Thursday, June 26, 2014

Vacationing in Kansas City

Here we are in Kansas City, the city of fountains.   This means I should take some pictures.  I really only know where 3 of them is right down the street!  There are 60 fountains in Kansas City Missouri and it is in second place in the world for number of fountains.

We are staying in the Plaza, of course, and this is the street we are staying on.

A sunset view from our window with the plaza below!

I found this fountain as we were walking through the plaza!  This one is outside of Starbucks!

This one was in the same block!

                            And so was this one!  There is the condo that I want to live in, in the background!

This Starbucks is very crowded and it is very noisy.

The place is packed and so is the patio....why aren't these people at work?

The plaza looks very different with all of the Christmas lights taken down.  Soon they will start putting them all up again for the lighting on Thanksgiving night!

Yes, we did it again.  Sandi W, we found a Vera Bradley store.  Yes, we bought some things but we will still go to the Biltmore with you!  This one is Vicki's.

I could not resist this phone cover...i love giraffes!  I t does not have any rubber on it so it is slippery but I will use it until I get my one for the 2016 election!  lol!

Oops!  Vicki got one too!  I am thinking that we should not have gone into that Vera Bradley store.

Well, I got the Hipster with a matching coin purse that I use in the place of a wallet.  What fun we had!
Arrived here, Monday afternoon.  Gave Davin a call to see if he wanted to meet us for dinner.
We had dinner  with Davin.  Amy had to work.

Today, Tuesday,  Todd, Melinda Davin and Amy joined us at the Classic Cup, for a late lunch.  We tried a white Sangria which is not as good as the red, especially the one I get at Jimmy Carter's in San Diego.  We all tried something different and the food was good!

Today, Thursday we went on a tour of the  BOULEVARD BREWERY.  Melinda, Molly, Amy, Vicki and I went on the tour and then went out for lunch.

The guys, Davin, Todd and their dad Rolf watched the soccer game and had lunch together!

Very nice display room and tasting room.  I was really impressed with the great job that they did.

There was a very nice tour of the brewery and four videos a we traveled through the brewery.

                                           This is quite the process!

                                                     Very interesting!

This brewery is really nice and they have a great gift of the best I  have ever seen!

                                   We are having fun tooQ  We also went to Chico's and got these new T shirts!

Little Mommy and little daughter.....they are having fun!  It was Melinda's idea to come her and it was a good one!
This is good stuff....I got some to take home to Davin!

Okay,tomorrow is Friday and we will see if I can remember to take pictures!

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