Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Mark and Miranda! Happy Graduation Molly and Miranda!

Happy Birthday Mark and Miranda!  We celebrated the birthdays on Friday night.  Mark put pizza on the grill and it was very good.  Tami made a wonderful lemon pudding cake from scratch using lemons from their tree!

Happy Birthday Miranda!

Happy Birthday Mark!

Mark is helping Vicki on her phone!

This is the first time I have seen this happen ...all 3 of them are guilty!

Mark is guilty too...waiting for birthday cake /

I think that Joshua is waiting for birthday cake too!

This is the wonderful lemon cake!

This dog is wonderful.....but he is so big!

This is the decoration that I gave this is my bathroom with my stuff in it!

These pictures came from the Liberty church!

Here is the snowman toilet deat cover and I can't remember where I got the mouse!

The stained glass piece came from Colorado!  So Tami, enjoy all the decorations and the Nana bathroom!   

Now, some of the Santa's are Vicki's and mine!  I know for sure the one on the top stair was ours!

See the beautiful Angel on the wall.  My sister Judy, put it together and quilted it and Vicki and I bought the panel  It is beautiful!  Tami and Mark's house is beautiful and it is so nice seeing our Christmas decoration there......there are even some items there from Rosines rooms!

This is the family room!  Everything looks so nice!

Granddaughter Molly and grandson Tyler.  Molly graduated with her RN in nursing!

Miranda is Aaron's girlfriend.  She will graduates on Tuesday with a degree in Psychology!
Aaron took Miranda's pictures and the, as well as she are beautiful!


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