Thursday, December 11, 2014

It is the busy time of the year!

Here it is, Monday, only 17 days until Christmas!  I will begin taking down the Christmas decorations  on the 24th as we are going to San Diego for 2 weeks.  Todd, Melinda and the kids will be here from the 20th until the evening of the 24th.  My grandson Tyler will be 21 on the 24th and they are coming to town to celebrate!

It is overcast today and I do think it looks like we are already in San Diego.

This is going to be a busy week what with hair, nail and doctors appointments.  On Thursday night Rosine will be with a group of people from the home and they will be coming here to start their trip to see Christmas lights.  We will be handing out cookies!  Yum yum!

Now it is Thursday and tonight the Van is bringing Rosine and her friends to see Christmas lights around the area and they will start with our house.  Hopefully I will take pictures....we are going to wear our Christmas Hats and we are going to  to be jolly. Penny, who is the activity directer is coming to the house 15 minutes before the group arrives.  The group will not be getting out of the van!

                           It is sunset and all the Christmas lights are on and ready to go!

                                       I know you don't know this....this hat is heavy!

                                                      Ho Ho Ho, here we go!

                                         The house looks good!

                                       T here is a Santa in our yard!

                                            I really think this is  Penny, the activity directer!        

                                                            We are Santa's Elves!

                                                   I can be an elf for an hour....then I am done!

                                    It is a good thing that Santa has a cell phone!

                                                 Here they are.....ho ho ho !

                                       I see Rosine back there...go get her Vicki!

                                          Hi, mom....I am Santa's elf!

                                         Here is my mommy....isn't she cue!

                                                   MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Here  are a couple more picture of Chester trying to figure out what a bubble bath is!

This dog is so darned cute...I would love to take him home but I am alergic to him and he is too big for my lap!

Not only is he cute but he is so smart.  The last time I saw him he followed me into the bedroom as I was on the phone.  I sat down on the end of the bed and the next thing I knew , he was in my lap!  I just love him!


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