Saturday, December 20, 2014

Today the Leed's will be here!

It is upon us! Todd, Melinda, Molly and Tyler arrive tonight!  I am sure it will be like a whirlwind.. for the next 4 days

We had a very nice dinner last night with our friends, Rita and Mary!  We want to thank them for sharing in our Christmas Memories!

Now, of course, Rosine had her picture taken with Santa!  This is actually last years picture.......I liked it better than the one that they took this year!

These are the cookies that Mary Lou and I made every Christmas.  Now the grown kids and the grandkids make them!

                                           Tami added some garland to her decorations

               We are hoping that all of you are enjoying the season!

                               I am enjoying it ad I am looking forward to the whole next week!

                                 Thank You Davin and Amy for the new Starbucks glasses!

               These are new and we had a hard time picking out what we wanted!Thank You!

Today we had a very interesting event in Starbucks!  The gal in this picture always waits on us when we go to Michaels.  She came over to wish us a Merry Christmas!  Vicki and I had decided to wear the new Christmas scarves that I had made.  The scarves were really warm and so we took them off.  Marilyn looked so cute in her red sweater with the beautiful new necklace her husband had given her.  She then said she should have woren a scarf as her neck was a little cold.  I popped out my scarf to show her what I had done with all the yarn she had sold us.  Then I put it around her neck and said Merry Christmas!  Vicki then handed me her scarf and we gave it to the lady at the next table.  Both ladies were shocked and happy and Vicki and I felt really giving a present to someone who was totally unaware!  As the second lady and her husband left he came over to us and said"you are what being an American is all about"  How nice that was!

What a nice morning it was....everyone was surprised and happy when they left Starbucks!

                          In honor of Hanukkah at Rosines home!

                                 The Christmas Tree actually looks better in person!

We will keep you updated over the next week and don't forget we are going to go and look at puppies soon!


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