Sunday, December 7, 2014

On the lighter side!

Well, Christmas is rapidly approaching and soon it will be over!  lol!

Today we are sitting at home watching the Chiefs and the Cardinals battle it out and right now the Cardinals are winning!  Go Cardinals!  Mark's mom and dad are here and the whole family is at the game!

Sorry Retha and Gene.....there is still one quarter left and we really need this win!  Oops!  Got to go ad see what is happening!  Oops!  Cardinals won!

This is the new addition to the Buettgenbach's family.   Chester is a little over one year old and he is a wonderful dog.  Not only is he sweet and loving but he thinks he is a lap dog!  He makes Kodi seem really old!

                     I just love this dog and he treats me so much better than does Kodi!

This is a picture of the counter in the kitchen!

This is the kitchen...I love the pictures that light up!

           This is in the living room!

The coffee table in the living room!

                                      This is the official greeter at Rosines House!

                                            Merry Christmas Everyone!

                                          Merry Christmas Everyone!

Be Careful Out There!

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