Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, Trying to get back in the groove! Jeff is in Peru

We are trying very hard to get back into our groove.  I really do think we will not arrive there much before Thursday!  The list of all the things we need to do seems to be endless.  We went to Starbucks today and then to Walmart to get some groceries.  On to QT for our tea,then to see Rosine.

Rosine is not feeling very good as she has a cold...she has not felt well since last Sunday...she is doing so well that they are taking her off of Hospice on the 17th.  I guess they do not care that she has a cold!

After visiting Rosine we went home, had lunch and then headed out to the mall to have our hair done....31/2 hours later we were done!  We then went to Arriba for Mexican food which was not very good!

Our 2 week trip to the Caribbean was wonderful and just what the doctor ordered.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed spending the holiday with Jerry.  There really is not much to add to the blog...we went to a port, got off the ship, went shopping and had a beer!  We are very boring but we did enjoy ourselves!

 Welcome to the 2014 World Cruise on the Holland America, msAmsterdam!  This 115 day cruise is my virtual cruise and I hope you will join me!  We will be traveling to wonderful places and learning about different cultures

Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog,,,,

Day 10 Lake Titicaca 

I took some photos this morning from the rooftop of the hotel.. Nice view!  At 9;00 I was picked up for today’s tour.  Here is the description:  “A transportation service will pick you up from your hotel and will take you to the Chucuito town after a stop in Chimú, where you can watch the totora weaving used to build the traditional rafts. You will arrive in Chucuito in approximately thirty minutes. Located at 18 kilometers from Puno city, it is one of the Aymara-speaking towns on the way to the border with Bolivia. It was a tax collection center and it currently has colonial churches, mansions and streets of cobble stone. You will visit all of them, as well as the Fertility Temple, a local trout farm and the Scenic Viewpoint.”  The views along the way were impressive as were the amazing uses they have for the reeds, they weave them into amazing things.  The house with the huge boat design was one of my favorites.  Of course tomorrow, the highlight will be the floating islands or Uros, made from woven reeds.  The fertility temple had more phalanxes than I have ever seen in one place…  too bad they didn’t have a magnet.  They were selling lots of stone carvings, I declined.  This is part one of my day, part 2 will depend on how much battery life I have on my laptop…

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