Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 8, last day in port!

sea tomorrowJanuary 6, Antigua

Antigua is a quaint island.  We were able to walk off the ship on to a wooden walk, around these cute shops and three minutes into the town.  

Or mission today was as usual….a tee shirt for the quilt and a beer.  See we are just as boring when we travel as we are when we are at home!

We found a good place to have a beer and it had free WIFI.  We took this freebee and sent a few texts.

The beer was good and was refreshing

There are a lot of statues of pirates on these islands.

January 7, St Martin

Today after we got off the ship we were able to spend most of the day in the shade.  We took a water taxi over to Phillipsbulrg and were able to stay in the shade while we walked around.  We had a beer in an alley where there were shops and we could see the beach from there.  It was just too hot to sit out in the sun even under an umbrella.


January 8, St. Thomas

We had to take a tender to get on the island…twenty thousand people there….found no bar or place to eat except from a truck.  It is a street of nothing but jewelry shops…nothing else…just jewelry stores one after another.  In a parking lot there were tent stands and we got a tee shirt.  No beer…I did not like it ….Vicki did buy a watch!

At  sea tomorrow!

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