Monday, January 6, 2014

January 5, playing catch up!

Today we woke up and we were in Grenada…little did I know that none of the three of us knew where we were going.  We met Jerry and off we went.  We pranced right off the ship and up the hill…Vicki and I were looking for shopping and Jerry was looking for nutmeg for me.  Grenada is the capital of nutmeg and spices…well as I was saying….up the hill we went…I don't think this is the right way….so we turned right…then I shrieked as Vicki bumped into the brick corner of a building and started to fall…I reached out to grab her but I only managed to break her fall…Jerry and I tried to help her up but she yelled,"don't touch me"  as she turned over and did the crab walk for a few feet and made it up right on her own!  Then off we went down the street…Jerry made a left hand turn and led us up a hill and into a tunnel where there were lots of cars coming toward us…this is not working for me…I don't like this…I don't want to be here…when we came out the other side there were only local people on the streets…I was not afraid but just uncomfortable…ah, there is the water and there is a place that looks like it has beer…yes it did…we sat there watching the water and having a beer…Jerry found a store and we headed in that direction….Jerry went ahead of us and we were approached by a very nice man who offered to give us a one hour tour of the island and take us back to the ship.  I jumped on it and we went and found Jerry.  We had a very nice tour and were delivered right back to the ship where Vicki and I did our shopping in the cruise terminal.  All in all we had a really nice day.  When we got back to the ship we went to the 14th floor and went outside to the grill and had cheeseburgers and fries!  About this time Vicki started to get a little sore from her fall….I need to keep a better eye on her!

We had a nice dinner with Jerry and then we all retired to our rooms.  Vicki is sitting on the couch reading and she does not want me to take her picture!
Good night for now!
January 4th, Barbados
Today we find ourselves in Barbados, the spot of the worlds most beautiful beaches…how I wish I could have spent the day at the beach and played in the water.  Neither of us can tolerate the hot humid weather and when you are actually in the sun it is brutal.  My skin is just too thin to even try it.  I guess if we stayed at a resort and had a thatched roof hut…maybe we could do it!

So, instead we went into town and walked around…then back to the terminal, did some shopping and had a beer.  We are trying the local beer everywhere we go and it has all been pretty good.

This afternoon we sat in on a trivia game and did not know many of the answers.  We met Jerry for a drink before dinner and then went to the dining room for dinner.  After dinner we went to see the show , a comedian/singer was performing.  He was very good!  Now we are settled in our room…I took numerous pictures today but I cannot find them.

I know that some of you are interested in Jeff's travels….today he is back in FT. Lauderdale today and when the Amsterdam sails this evening it will be the first day of his 115 day world cruise…We will catch up with Jeff and his travels later next week!
Good night for now5!  

January 5, St Lucia              
 Today is Sunday and we just found out that the shops in town are not open…, we stayed at the terminal and shopped and had a beer.   I bought two pairs of shorts and Vicki found a housedress…I also bought a cute hat and Jerry bought a Tee shirt…after awhile we went back to the ship and had lunch and went to our rooms to take a shower and wash our hair….we did get a few minutes of rain and it was really nice.  I think that the prices on the islands have been rather high.  We are in the West Indies!

Now I am going to try to put some pictures in the blog!





St. Lucia

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