Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2, at sea

 Yesterday, which was New Year's Eve, I told you that we were in Aruba….thought I would show you a photo of Aruba and of Jerry while we were making merry drinking our beer!
 The internet is too slow to upload photos.

Now here it is 2014….a new year and who knows what!
They say that whatever you are doing today is what you will be doing for the rest of the year….traveling is fine with me….I use to clean house on New Years Day so this is an improvement!

Today we were in Curacao which is off the coast of Venezuela….about 30 miles east.  Today we walked into town.  This is  a pretty and very clean town.  We walked into town which was over a mile each way…it was hot and humid…I almost did not make it….yes, Shelly I was having a hard time staying upright….I was so hot….when the wind would blow, it was wonderful.  Only went into a couple of shops and had a beer.  Something you all don't know about me…I don't like beer.  I use to have one about every ten years.  Today I had a Bud light lime, with a lime coming out the top! Boy did that beer taste good!  I toasted John McCain's wife with my beer!  She has the Bud distributorship  in the Southwest!

    i know you do not need to know this but I am going to tell you anyway…have been having GI problems.  All three of us have been having it on and off but of course, I am the worst!  If it is the NV we got it before we ever got on the ship!
Have you made New Year's resolutions and already broken them?  It will be interesting to see what we weigh when we get home

Goodnight for now…will add more tomorrow while we are at sea!

January 02                                

Today we were at sea…I felt better and am hoping this continues.

Today for lunch we went to the healthy Aqua Spa cafe…we had a delightful healthy lunch consisting of hot squash soup, bread, pasta salad and coos goose vanilla dessert with four apricot halves around it….the lunch was very good.

Tonight we went to one of the specialty restaurantsand it was fantastic.  We had crab cakes, chop chop Italian salad, garlic mashed potatoes, spinach,  grilled shrimp and scallops and a filet with Creme  Brule.
This ship has a unique take on their windows…the bottom pane of glass is magnified so when you look at the water the waves can be very large!

Okay now I am going to try to post


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