Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday, January 14, Just being lazy!

Okay, I have tried to figure out this problem....when I go to upload the blog to Facebook it tells me that I can't put it on my time line and not on Vicki's.  I have come to the conclusion that it is a Google problem , so I wrote a note but they may not answer me.....not that I have anything to say today but I don't like being cut off.....Jeff is not having the same problem as his blog is uploading quite fine!  I am going to upload this paragraph right now and see what happens!

Okay, it I will try to post yesterday's!

NopeI cannot get yesterday's to upload....I took all the pictures off but I think there was something going on that was not suppose to be going on.

Went today and had coffee at Starbuck's....went to the low vision store and got a new watch and replaced my little travel alarm.  Next we went to Costco and then ran home and put the stuff away.  Next we ran down to the sewing machine store and picked up the three sewing machines. Oh, we also stopped at Curves and said hi to them...just talking to them about coming back was very tiring  so we decided we would go home and take a nap. lol!  Then I had to feed Vicki lunch!

Here are a few more pictures!

                                                              St. Martine

                                                  St. Lucia!

Our pretty red bed!
                                Love the colorful buildings in Curacao!

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