Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 31, Happy New Y ears!

December 30,

am about to throw in the towel….I had done the blog for the last two days and as usual….I deleted  it!  So far I have never found anything that I have deleted.  Vicki has suggested that we only upload text and see if we can publish.  I spent 3 hours on it tonight and got no where!

Okay, now I am starting over…..let's see how it goes!Here we are….saying goodbye to our nice little hotel.  It was a nice stay and we enjoyed all of the Christmas decorations.

This is quite the sight with thousands of suitcases waiting to get on the ship….thank goodness that each suitcase does not represent a person…then we would call this photo Tokyo! wrong photo...view from hotel!

Here is Vicki on formal night…She looks beautiful and was told by a lady from Scotland that she looked like a Glamour Girl!  Earlier in the day this was not the case.  Vicki was talking to one of the waiters and as she turned to walk she did not see the three stairs that she needed to go up….she went splat and of course I screamed…a young man with a big tattoo came running….we were by the pool and this was a platform.  After the nice young man picked Vicki up we went up the stairs and across the ten foot deck….reaching the other side we started to decend the stairs on the other side…as we started down I started to fall and running around the platform came the nice young man and grabbed me!  Then in her quiet little voice, Vicki shrieked, OMG!  This makes me feel so old…as my foot wrapped around a lounge chair and I started to go down again….good recovery, did not fall but got the hell out of there!

Actually I think I looked better in person!  lol!  But I must tell you that a lady from Scotland came up to us and told us how wonderful we looked…she was quite animated and very friendly and told us all about her husband Bill who would be wearing a kilt to the dinner tonight….along came Bill…no he is not wearing his kilt and if he did she would have to go naked!  Well it was a fun encounter but something was just a little off
 Tonight we found a towel animal on our bed….he was very cute!
Vicki is going crazy…she cannot get her phone or her mini iPad to keep the wireless signal…she would like to cry she would like to cry…I know that feeling very well.
Tomorrow we are in Aruba and the shops will only be open until about 1:00 as they have a big New Years bash with lots of fireworks!
December 31, 2013
Today we are in Aruba.  We met Jerry and walked into town….hot, humid, hot and humid.  It was about a 3 blocks from the ship…we boutht a bag to carry our stuff in….then we stopped by the water, in an open cafe and each had a beer.  Then we wandered into a shopping mall and back to the ship…..hot and humid!

Before we met Jerry to go into town we went to the bake shop and had our protein drink and a chocolate muffin.  Then we sat and talked for awhile before leaving the ship.

Tonight, being New Years Eve, it was formal night…we did not dress up and did not go to the dining room.  We met Jerry for cocktails and then went to the buffet.  While we were having cocktails Liz, from Scotland came bouncing in and had a little chat with us.  I love her accent…she calls "gils".  We went to the buffet and there were not many people in there…some people,who were dressed up and on the elevator, gave us dirty looks because we were in our play clothes.

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