Saturday, May 3, 2014

Another week is gone!

Here we are....another week has flown by.  How can they go so fast and I accomplish nothing.

Tonight, Friday, we went out for Friday night Fish and the Crooked Putter at the golf course.
Mary was not able to go .......we missed you Mary......we had a really good conversation  and I certainly learned a lot.

Vicki is modeling the new scarf that I made for Rosine.  It looks really cute on Vicki!

Rosine and her new is her favorite yarn.  We went to see her today and she had many good laughs as she told stories about how mischievous she was as a young woman...I do believe her grandkids got some of it from her...oh, they did have a lot of fun.....but I would have thought that when they took their friends cash register out of his store.....well, we might call it stealing! lol!  She was having a great time telling her stories!

These cactus that are in bloom are in the front of our complex.

There are the little owls guarding our house!

                               Out to the fish fry and Rita is telling me quite a tale!

                                  I think Betty is telling Vicki quite a tale too!

                                          Poor little Mary could not come to dinner.....we missed you Mary!

                                   Here it is Saturday morning and we are at Starbucks...the place is almost empty...yea, the snow birds must have flown the coop!

                           Today we are going to go home and try on clothes and get the cosmetic bag packed.  Tomorrow we will go to the mall and maybe pick up a few tops.  It looks to me like we are going with 4 suitcases....when will we ever learn....when will we  ever learn?  Name that tune!


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