Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It won't be long now!

Here it is Tuesday night and a week from today we will be boarding the Coral Princess in Long Beach.  We have yet to decide what we are taking for coats….hard to think about being cold when the temperature here is wanting to climb to 100 and stay there.

Wednesday, we had a very busy day.  We were up early and off to Starbucks.  A stop at Costco, over to Joann’s and then to the Mall.  On the way home we stopped at QT and picked up drinks and our favorite sandwiches.  Long about 4;00 the nice UPS man brought me Sherry’s Berries for Mother’s Day.  They were sent from Todd, Melinda, Tyler and Molly.  Yum yum!IMG 2492
                            Happy Mother's  Day to me and to all of you……sorry but you can’t have one!  lol!

IMG 2495
 I love these  things …….good thing they came today……now we won’t have to eat them all in one sitting!  lol!  Well we leave on Monday ……you know!  lol!

IMG 2498
These strawberries are wonderful…..wish you were here having one with us!

IMG 2468
I am really lucky….I get to eat Sherry’s Berries tonight for dessert!


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