Sunday, May 18, 2014


Victoria was our only stop on this four day cruise.  It was a beautiful day.  We went to our favorite place to eat and it was not as good as in the past but it was still good

Vicki has been having problems with her neck.  On Friday she had an acupuncture treatment and she felt some what better.  Today she was in more pain and she had a treatment here at the hotel.  The next cruise, on Tuesday, is on hold.  We will see how she feels tomorrow!   
                                  This is the staircase on the ship.  It was beautiful!

                        T         his was very pretty also!

                                   I love these old buildings,  they are so unique!


                                      So cool!

                                         I wonder why Vicki did not want her picture taken?

                                 This is where we had n chips, of course!

                                                  Okay, we are out of here!!

                                                 My friends are everywhere!

                                                      Back to our home away from home!

                                                  The end to a perfect day!


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