Thursday, May 15, 2014

TO ALL YOU  TECHIE'S OUT THERE…..I am having a problem….when I hook up my phone to my computer it is not syncing my pictures to my computer  They did not go to photo stream while my phone was on.  i have always just plugged in the phone to the computer and the pictures just came in!  I know that Rita, Todd or Joshua should know what is wrong

This was the Harbor in SanPedro.  It was very hot there and we thought we were going to die when we walked to dinner.  It was a good thing that we did not know the temperature until we got back to the hotel.

        We are at the airport and I am ready to go

                      We had a nice Mother's Day and now we are ready to get out of town

 Tuesday, we walked to a Starbucks before going to the ship.  They told us that it was only three blocks away but somehow we put a mile on our tracker by the time we went there and back…did I say it was over 90 degrees and it was hotter than 115 in Phoenix. We went to the harbor for dinner and it was not good.  The day started out with me ordering a breakfast burrito and this is what I got

I said this is not a burrito…"oh, we are  out of tortillas so we just gave you the insides".  Then we walked to the Harbor for dinner we ran into a health inspector who told us where to go to eat.  I ordered the shrimp fajitas.  The shrimp were still in the shells and the veggie mixture was cooked asian style, like over cooked and looked like a pile of….never mind, it was not good!

Wednesday, we were at sea.  We didn't do anything except play on our computers and walk around the ship.  Now it is very cold and windy.  We ate our dinner in the buffet and did not go to the show.

Thursday, at sea!  Sitting here writing the blog while Vicki is running around taking care of things….tomorrow is Victoria and we are going to have fish and chips and Saturday we will be in Vancouver.  


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