Monday, May 19, 2014

Vancouver and on to Alaska!

Today is decision day and it appears that Vicki is feeling well enough to continue on our adventure.  She talked to the pharmacist and he suggested a combination of Motrin and Tylenol with a muscle relaxer which is sold in Canada but not in the U.S., so she bought an extra bottle for the future.  Today she is feeling so much better that we are going to Alaska tomorrow!  Yippie!

We are wandering around Vancouver like we know where we are going.  If we know where we are going then why are we wandering?  Myself I do believe that the directions we are given are not always correct!                       
The Pansies are beautiful and are planted all around the hotel.  They thrive in cool weather and they sure do get it here.  The bus driver was saying what a beautiful day was with the blue skies...that would be 95 percent cloudy...Well, it was pretty but blue is a stretch!

Okay, do you remember seeing us post from Whistler?  You are right,  there was no post.  Here is what happened.  We got up at 6am and got ready for our round trip on the train.  To begin with they told us we would be riding on a dome topped train.  We got on the train and settled in and had some yogurt and I took a little cat nap.  At 8:30  we had not left yet.  Now keep in mind that we were only going to have 3 hours in Whistler.  There we sat in our 2010 Olympics jackets .....the train was not moving...there was an accident on the tracks and we could not go as the train was just going to go and turn around and come back. Now we did have the option of going on a bus but they say it is a all switchbacks to the top and I did not want to do that!  So, we opted for a refund and they put us into a cab and sent us back to the hotel.What a disappointment.

From the train we went to 7/11 to buy drinks and a sandwich.  We went back to the room and took a nap and then ate our lunch.  As you can see we have had to adjust to not having ourQT.

Here is our lunch....let's get neck is killing me.  I think I will go and get a massage.  If my neck doesn't get better we will have to go home.

We are looking for Cafe CREPES.  Hope it is close by....okay so we went the wrong direction....again!S

                                This is really many new things!

It is very interesting....there are  not many Canadians around here.  We were told the the population in Vancouver is now 65 percent Asian.   Don't get me wrong but  how can  a city change so much in 6 years!

                                                     Are we there yet?

Well, here we are, after walking forever......having crepes for dinner.  The main course was eggs and cheese followed by a Nutella crepe for dessert.  I guess they were good.....I don't need another one any time soon!


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