Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to all who mother!

Happy Mother's day everyone!  We had a very busy day.  It all started at Starbucks and went on from there.   We bet Vicki's brother Bob ands had lunch with Rosine, at her place.  Next we went out to Mark and Tami's place and the guys cooked dinner.  Thank you Josh, Mark and a little bit Aaron.  It was a nice visit!

Vicki and her mommy Rosine....Happy Mother's Day!

                                         We have matching Mother's bracelets....aren't they pretty?

                           My son Bobby gave me this beautiful corsage!

I am the son Bobby, who stole the flowers ...for the woman in the home...who knew the person who  grew the flowers in the garden  next to Bobby's that was in his back yard!  lol!

                                 I really like my presents and my new bracelets!

                                      I like the Air Force charm!
Josh did a wonderful job on the dinner and so did Mark!


It had to be a dual effort to take this selfy!
                                        Of course my arm is on the left!  lola!

                                          No, this not a QT ad!

                                         Sitting on the patio and loving it even though the wind is blowing like crazy!

                                     Mark is loving doing the cooking!

                                Todd is all dressed up for jury, they did not want him!

                                             We are at the airport and ready to get out of town!

                                            The airplane is late....I just found out it is very hot in L.A.!

We are here...had a bad breakfast and a very bad dinner and then I am going to bed!

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