Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Going to Phoenix instead of Alaska!

Well, this morning while we were at Starbucks Vicki decided that we should not chance it to go on the cruise.  I really did not think we should go and neither did my grandson Joshua....he said we should come home. So, we will arrive in Phoenix on Thursday evening and Vicki has a doctor's appointment at 1:00 on Friday.

This morning after going to Starbucks we came back to the hotel and moved into another room for the next two nights.  We actually like this room much better!

"I totally agree with you.....we need to go home....you need to be where you are comfortable....do you think it could be because of the seat in the car that your body is screaming?"

I really do love fountains

We will just keep looking at the beautiful buildings for the next 2 days!

You are not going to believe this....Last night on the weather report ....they said" tomorrow you will need to wear your sun glasses"  lol!  and they were right!  lol!  It is a beautiful day and we are experiencing BLUE skies!


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