Friday, April 18, 2014

Just arrived in san Diego!

Here we are on our way to San Diego to spend the week there!  We are going to San Diego so that my face can heel in the salt air…..not that I really think the treatment worked

This is the mini version of the shawl I have been  making.  Of course Rosine snatched it right out of my hand…" I don't have a green one, thank you so much!"

I had the veil over my face on the way in as I am not supposed to be off of house arrest for 4 more hours!

These are the best shrimp tacos that I have ever had!  We are at the casino west of Yuma and we have eaten here before.  Sorry to say that we did not win any money and really did not have fun loosing it.  I have to stop thinking about it and eat my wonderful shrimp tacos!

These shrimp tacos are wonderful but I think I paid way too much for them….like 5x more!  We should not have gambled first, we should have eaten and gone to bed!

Well, here is my face, day 3, my wind blown hair and my body that has gained 5 pounds since my operation!



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