Thursday, April 24, 2014

Her is making me go home!

Today is our 6th day in San Diego and "Her is making me go home!"  Now, how nice is that?  The weather has been great and we just ran out of time.  We enjoyed seeing our friends but all good things must come to an end!

Monday was our day to run around.  After we went to Starbucks, we went to Staples, Ashley Furniture, Casual Dining, Michaels and the Tile Store.  We then came home and had a late lunch.

I did not realize that the map store had gone out of business or we would have had 1 more place to go

Yes, you both can come to another party….they liked you!  lol!  Little do they know! lol!
I sware, the devil made me do it….I really did not mean to be bad…..remember…I am a Catholic Girl!

The Jacaranda Trees are blooming and they are always so pretty!
Here we are in San Diego, eating Mexican food outdoors….this is the life!
'I think I am catching up with you and your travels…..we need to take another cruise …Italy was a long time ago!"

"It is fun traveling with you, Lou….and being out to lunch like this is like being away in a Mexican port…..wish I had ordered a margarita instead of a beer!"
Tonight Jerry is fixing dinner for us and tomorrow we will be on our way.  It has been fun guy


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