Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lunch with Friends!

This is just a short one tonight!

Monday started out with us going to the eye doctors for Vicki to have a laser treatment.  When we went out to get in the car and go to Starbucks.....guess what?  We had a dead battery!

Tuesday brought the first day of summer and I don't even want to talk about it!

                           This is one of the 6 shawls that I have made!

                      Itis a beautiful day today and it was too cold to eat inside!

                                       This is so fun to be able to be outside under this tree!

Mary's new phone cover is on the left....Vicki's is the purple with the diamonds and mine is the red....we are so happy to get rid of our big bulky otter box, waterproof heavy covers.  Our phones feel like they have lost at least a pound each!

Bev and Mary are trying to decide what they are going to eat and what they might take home!

Bev and Mary with Betty on the left and Rita taking the picture!

Rita on the left and Mary is taking the picture.  Bev just put her house on the market and it sold in 3 you think the swimming pool helped?

Be careful out there!

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