Friday, April 11, 2014

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Well, the day started out as usual.....Starbucks, where we did not recognize a single person in the place......and I was so hoping that the snow birds had all gone home but  by the looks of things and the packed Starbucks, with no empty tables.......I do think that they must not be done packing!  lol!

After coffee we went to see Rosine and she planned her birthday lunch for tomorrow.  It took an hour for her to decide on 2 pizza's, 20 wings, a garden salad, the dressing and the chocolate cake!  Mama Mia!  Vicki and I have a problem with gearing down to s l o w!  I hope I never get to be slow....I would drive myself crazy!

After we left Rosine we went to the pizza parlor and had lunch so we could tell Rosine if it was any good.  It was very good and was a nice discovery.  We went on and ordered the things for the lunch tomorrow!It was then that we decided to take the left over pizza home and go and take a look at the Toyota's!

There it little dream is a Prius and it was right in my price range.  How I would love this car and it goes so well with my skin tone!

But as you might have guessed.....Vicki had other ideas...first she tried the Camray...then we decided we had better try the Avalon.  It was not a good idea.....once you have had an Avalon you are spoiled.  Now we did not intend to buy a car today but we intended to buy one in the next few months.  The salesman did not say anything to us until Vicki bought the car and then he took me aside and told me that the air conditioner would probably go out in the next week and that the tires on the trade in were in bad shape.  Also the fender in the back was pulling away from the body from when we were hit from behind.  When I told Vicki she said....I realized today that air was on its way out....I knew we were going to need new tires next month......I saw the fender pulling away and I tried to push it back on....".OMG!  Where am I?  I DID  NOT KNOW ANY OF THIS, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?"
Well, she said, I was afraid if I said it out loud that it would you call that denial!

Tomorrow will be a busy day.  Shelley is flying in from New Mexico tomorrow morning and she will be there for the party.  Bob and Nancy will also be there!

Be careful out there!

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