Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Practicing for the Blue Light special on Tuesday!

I am practicing for my procedure or maybe I will become a bee keeper!
On Tuesday, about noon, I will be having my blue light procedure and will not be able to go out into the light for 48 hours.  At hour 45 we are going to leave for San Diego.  I will wear my visor with a thin scarf so that the sun will not get me in the car.  Although I will say....the new car does have special glass that filters out the UV rays.....although I do think it is also the heat of the sun that I will need to stay away from!

                              I found myself smiling for the camera ....duh!

Tonight we met Mark and Tami for dinner....we had some good laughs.....this was Vicki's belated birthday dinner....thank you , you two!

This is a picture of me with Mark's mom, Retha!  This picture was taken in December.....they will be here in two weeks for a weekend visit!

Today is Tuesday and I am having my procedure today.  I must admit I am a little nervous about it!

                    Okay, I am ready to go get my toenails done and then we will go get my face done

It seems like we are so busy.....when do we have a free day.....oops!  That's right....we have to go away in order to have a free day!

Okay, they gave me this cowboy hat to keep the sun out of my face....right, this will really work!

Now, my face does not look too bad....I wonder if it took.......I see some red blotches!

Now this is a real hat.......when I start to peal, i can cover it up when I go to Starbucks!


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