Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy 95th Birthday Rosine!

Today we celebrated Rosine's 95th birthday.  Here are a few highlights from her luncheon and a few highlights from the last 5 years!

209. Rosine celebrated her 90th birthday here in Phoenix...Shelley, her niece, made the celebration possible.  All of her family was present and a good time was had by all!

2010.  Rosine's first Halloween at Freedom Inn.  She won the prize for her costume!   She has always loved Halloween!

2011. Rosine's second Halloween at Freedom Inn.  She did not win a prize and she was pissed!

I did not win a prize so I am not dressing up next year!

2013, June 10.  I am not sure how or why I am in the hospital but I do not intend to stay here long!

Today, April 12, 2014, Happy Birthday Mom!

                                        Happy Birthday little Peanut!

                 Here they are...Nancy and Bob.....Rosine....Shelley and Vicki!

                                   Nancy enjoyed the lunch and the company....Happy Birthday Rosine!

                                    Vicki and her cousin Shelley,"Happy Birthday dear Auntie!"                        

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Rosine!  And in came the chocolate cake and ice cream!
                                       Vicki and her brother Bob wish Rosine a Happy Birthday!

                          This is the shawl that Sandi made especially for me!

This is the shawl that Sandi made especially for me!  lol!


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