Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We ate too much! lolo!

Today was a very busy day and one where we ate too much!  Well, it should balance itself out as tomorrow I only get liquids......and Friday I get my C.O.

We started the day off by not going to Starbucks.......we slept in a little and just had one of our protein drinks.......saved our poppy seed muffins for our midnight snack tonight!  lol!

             "Here we are at Cracker Barrel and I am going to have breakfast!"

                "I always love coming here.....they have such cute things"

                          We always enjoy seeing Diane and having a nice long talk!

      "I don't even want to think of either of the two of you driving a scooter!"  Do you think Bonnie has reason to be worried about Vicki or me driving a scooter to the across the street from where we would like to live someday?

 "I really look nice today and I am all color cordinated all know that I will be 95 next week and I look pretty darn good....and I am one of the younger folks here!"  lol!

Tonight we went out to dinner with Mark and Tami to celebrate Tami's Birthday!
                                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMI!

                  We always seem to be having very serious talks at the time I decide to take photos!

"I have to go to National Guard on has been nice to stay at home....oops! Yes, I did just got back from Australia!"

I have been working on a couple of quilts.....Vicki is really excited because she has finished Todd's
quilt and today she started  a special quilt for Mary Lou....Vicki picked out the Jellyroll and now she is getting to put it together.  It is a lot more fun when you are not on a time schedule and can work at your own pace!

In 2010 we took a trip around South America and it was 6 weeks after their last big earthquake.

Iquique, was one of the ports that we stopped in for a days visit

Valparaiso Chili was also another one of our ports....the quake in 2010 did not effect
 the ships in the harbor.


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