Sunday, March 30, 2014

It was last Tuesday when I last posted the blog.  Let's look at the week and see what happened.

Of course, Kodi went home and we did the "happy dance".  Not that he was bad but it is a lot of work taking care of a dog.  Now we miss him!  lol!

Wednesday I went into the out patient ward at the hospital and had my stent taken out.  An hour later I was doing fine!  Yea!

On Thursday we went to Kirland  met our sista at Starbucks for coffee.  We always have a good time with her and it takes us hours to get all caught up!


Nancy always looks so good!

Tell me why this line is in the middle of this me Rita!

After we had coffee and shopped a little we went to my favorite place, "Tommy Bahama's"

On Friday we again went to Starbucks......then went home and crocheted

Yesterday we went out to the apartments on 67th and looked at a large two bedroom and the 3 bedroom.  We liked them both and I liked the pool and Starbucks a half a block away!

Now here it is Sunday and all we did today was putter around.  Mark, Rodney Josh and Kodi came over to pick up some furniture and I forgot to take any pictures........after they left I made muffins and biscuits.  Now we are having a protein drink for dinner.


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