Friday, March 22, 2013

Our 115 day Cruise, day 76, at sea

As usual, we went to Starbucks and had coffee with Sandi and Irwin.  At 10":00 we left to go and pick up Tami

Today was a very special was Tami's Birthday!  We picked up Tami at her Starbucks and we were off to go to lunch and shopping.

    Tami has never been to True Food and so this is where we are taking her for her  birthday.  True Food is in Scottsdale across the street from Kierland Commons!  It is a nice shopping area.
    We all ate the  grass fed beef  street tacos.  Tami shared a Cucumber pineapple martini. Fo r dessert Tami and I had the flourlless chocolate cake and Vicki had the dairy free chocolate pudding!                                                                              

               Of course, we had to stop and pose for pictures...this shopping bag does not belong to us! lol!                                                    
                       You are right...the shopping bag belongs to Vicki...I am just hiding behind it! lol!

This shopping are is like the one across the street and has a nice water area for the kids to play in!
It is so nice to see all the plants and the geraniums in bloom, even though they are considered a weed!      

Okay, mom, you are going to love this 3rd Generation QT!  
              I already love it....I see the tables and umbrellas...I love it!    Is that a good price for gas?
          Look at all of the drinks....Vicki where are you going.....aren't these the drinks?                                                                                

          Oh no!  Look at all the donuts!  They make specialty drinks too!.... Wow this is really something!    

This area is just teas!   Vicki is trying a new drink!  I will try it, I am sticking with my regular one!                                                                                

                      Tami is getting her regular Vicki's....Pineapple tea!                                                                          
We had a nice day, spending it with Tami!
                         HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMI!

where we did not go today...but the Amsterdam did!

 At Sea

Another hot and steamy day at sea….  We are making our way to Sri Lanka which should be an amazing visit.  Loved it there last year.  Tonight was a formal night with  Prom night theme….  Fun evening!

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