Friday, March 29, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 83, at sea!

Today was again pretty at Starbucks, whee we watched Damion try to change a light bulb,  , Curves, QT and then to Sprouts.  We then went to Best Buy to check on some prices....a dock to charge our phones, no have....a new Sony  camera, no have....a bigger screen T.V. for the blind person in the house, yes, they have!  No BUY!

As you can see, it is a sea day and so I took a nappy!

As I told you earlier in the week, the NORO virus is still alive and well at the place where Rosine lives!  There is a notification on the front door that tells people to stay  out!  This means that we have not been over there since Monday!  Rosine has a wonderful
 immune system and she will be the last man standing!  Good for her!  As we speak the phone rang to inform us that Rosine has the bug!

Today we have reports from all 4 of our world travelers, so enjoy!

Picture of the day!  Taken yesterday by Kween Karen!


What we did not do today....but the Amsterdam did

At Sea!
Gorgeous day at sea….  It was a wonderful day poolside.  Really looking forward to our stop tomorrow in Madagascar, been waiting a long time to visit there.  We are going on a tour to see the lemurs, should be exciting….
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Postcards from Paradise!
The weather continued to be warm and muggy.  The breeze picked up which was most appreciated for the handful of daily morning walkers on the promenade deck.  We have had the company of two guards standing constant watch on the horizons for any suspicious activity such as pirate boats.  Luckily, none have been spotted by them or any of us.

Things to do and see in Maputo was the subject of Barbara H.'s talk.  That is one place we really feel more comfortable taking an organized tour with a large group.  It's a third world country, and not really up to speed yet with tourism as we remember.

Exploration speaker Joe Daley lectured on modern nautical safeguards that make pirates think twice, or so we hope.  HAL Chorale is practicing for another performance later next month.  And with Easter Sunday coming up in a few days, the ladies (men too) are invited to create a fun and festive Easter bonnet, which will be modeled at the Parade on Sunday. Lastly Chef Geary showed the guests how to make pasta sauces from scratch using roasted garlic.

Speaking of garlic, we could smell it cooking all over the ship at 11:30am.  There was another Mongolian cookout in the Lido pool area.  The aroma carried all the way to the aft pool for 2 hours.  It must be popular with a lot of folks, because we saw the plates being brought to the aft deck piled a mile high.

We watched a good movie, Skyfall, the newest James Bond flick.  It's a good way to cool down in the late afternoon in our room, while snacking on cheese and crackers and one Tim Tam each.  Ice cold sodas make this snacktime the perfect light lunch.

There were only five of us at dinner tonight, since Martha and Bob went to Le Cirque in the Pinnacle Grill.  Joan was spending some quality time with her new buddy, Pete, dining in the Lido we understand.  Sometimes it is nice to have a smaller group.  It gives us a great opportunity to get to know each other better. 

Looking forward to the gorgeous Seychelles tomorrow.

Bill & Mary 

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