Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our 115 day, World Cruise, day 61, Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Here we are and I cannot believe how fast this week has gone.  But then every week goes really fast!  Met Sandi and Irwin at Starbucks  for our usual morning meeting.  Sandi had an appointment this morning so we did not visit for very long.

Of course, after coffee we went to Curves and then to QT.  Onward we go to Sun Valley Fabrics to buy some material for the last border on the quilt.

 Kay is our favorite clerk at the fabric store.  Her favorite color is green and she loves turtles!  She has always been very helpful and we have fun with her too!                                                    

   Here we are in Costco and there are so many people in here that I want to scream! All these baskets belong to people who are having lunch!  Where did they all come from?  I do believe that they are all snow birds and I want them to start flying home!   lol!                                                              

   Kim takes Vicki's blood pressure in preparation for Dr Ronn's visit!  Vicki is having her lungs checked to see if she is breathing! lol!  Now she has to go to pulmonary rehabilitation.  Better than alcoholic rehab!  Right?                                                                

Welcome girls, I am always glad to see you as long as you are not sick!  You aren't sick are you?  Dr Ronn fits right in here in  Arizona!  Aloha everyone!  Did I say you are going to rehab?                                                                              

Where we did not go today.....but the Amsterdam did!

 Puerto Princesa, Philippines

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Here are the rest of the photos from our magnificent day exploring Puerto Princesa and the Underground River….   What a day!!!!


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