Monday, March 11, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 65, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China

This morning I decided to take some pictures with my Sony camera to see how much difference there is between it and the iPhone.  It is so close that I think I will just continue to use the phone.  After breakfast we went to Curves and then Vicki had a eye doctor appointment.

Off to QT and we are in crisis as both of our stores are out of white peach tea.  I am not sure how we will adjust if it is gone for ever!

Took a picture of Sandi and Irwin to see how the camera did.

                    We are very happy and having a good can I quit smiling? lol!                

 I absolutely needed a hamburger....Vicki had crab cakes!  Won't come here again!  Hamburger was good , fries disgusting!  But now I can go ahead and read the book about healthy living! lol!                                                                    

In keeping with the tradition I think we will just dance!
                                              1.2.3  1.2.3  1.2.3!                                                                                  

Where we did not go today.....but the Amsterdam did!

 Hong Kong, People's Republic of China

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We sailed into Hong Kong Harbor this morning under a thick blanket of fog….  Not good for one of the world’s best harbors to sail in to…..   Corrine was surprising me with another Helicopter tour but…….  The weather didn’t cooperate, way too foggy & overcast.  Maybe tomorrow, hope so.  Anyway, we changed course and first visited my friend Thomas Cheung at Admand Optical Company (pictured).  I always enjoy doing business with Thomas, great service, great glasses and the prices are very good.  So….  Corrine & I bought 5 pair of glasses between us.  If you are in Hong Kong you may want to visit Adman Optical to get a really fair deal on glasses.  They are located in the first basement in the Holiday Inn at 50 Nathan Road.  Anyway, after ordering our glasses, we continued up Nathan Road checking out the shops along the way.  We then returned to the ship to drop off packages before taking the Star Ferry to Hong Kong from Kowloon.  We went up to the top of Victoria Peak via the tram despite a huge crowd.  The peak was nice and we really enjoyed the view.  We decided to get away from the crowd on our way down so we took a taxi.  We headed back to the ship one more time before heading to the Night Market where we shopped a bit and had street food for dinner with Allan & Sandra…..  Great day!!!!

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