Friday, March 8, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise day 62, at sea

Today started out with me misreading the weather.  It was suppose to be cold and raining but I did not believe that it was going to  happen.  So, off to Starbucks we went with me in sandals and bitching about how cold it was!  We had our breakfast and sorted out what we would do for the day.  By the time we got back to the car I had thrown in the towel and wanted to go home and stay there.  We did agree to go to the grocery store and buy a piece of black forest cake for each of us and some corn bread to go with our soup that we are having for dinner!  Yes, we are in the diet contest and I think we are winning! lol!

                       Today we were at sea....see me sleep in my these rainy sea days!

                                    Vicki likes to play on her computer on our sea days!                                        

                              I put one of the borders on the quilt.  It is too dark in the sewing room today so the second border will have to wait until tomorrow.  Guess it does not look too good as we have been walking all over it.  lol!                                          
Absolutely no sun today and there is a soft rain, I see it on the walk!

Now this would be a good day to ....Choose to Vicki won't do it!  lol!                                                                               

Where we did not go today.....but the Amsterdam did!

 At Sea

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Another fabulous day at sea…..  Great sun and a nice breeze, perfect combination.  We are sailing along passing some of the islands of the Philippines as we head to Manila.  There is a seemingly endless stream of fishing boats and cargo vessels passing by…  I am looking forward to tomorrow when we arrive in Manila.  Touring Manila will be great but seeing the family reunions with the Filipino crew members will be the best.  It will be a great day!

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