Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 81, at sea!

My how the days do
fly by....I think I said that before!

Today Sandi came to coffee by herself.  Irwin had to wait at home for the cox people!We talked about the usual stuff and tried to solve the problems of the world since Obama doesn't seem to be able to do it! lol!

Today was the day that the person comes to clean the house.  This means that we leave the house really early.  Since we were so early we decided to go to Curves before we had coffee.  Even after  that we were still 30 minutes least we got it out of the way!

After coffee we went down to the new outlet mall to exchange the jacket that Vicki got the other day at Under Amour.  Remember the yellow jacket...she exchanged it for a size smaller and in solid black which looks much better on her than did the yellow one!

We are not going to see Rosine today because they have had an outbreak of NORO virus and after our experience with it on the cruise ship we do not want a repeat performance!

Now it is time for me to go to the cabin and call for room service!  "Hey Vicki, bring me my food!"  lol!

Pictures of the Day- from Kween Karen's blog!  oops!  Karen has a problem! Day 60


Where we did not go today....but the Amsterdam did!

 Day at Sea

The Amsterdam crossed the Equator once again shortly after high noon today. Since we already had the official crossing the Equator celebration the last time we sailed this invisible line, there was little notice of the event this time. Only those passengers who joined the cruise in Hong Kong received certificates.

At least the worst of the rain of yesterday was gone, and the sun was out for most of the day. We did have a passing shower while at the aft deck, but we refused to move, wishing it would go away. And it did just stopped. The good thing about showers is that they cool things off.

A talk was given about upcoming ports from Maputo, Mozambique to Castries, St.Lucia. Gosh that about sums up the rest of this grand voyage. It has gone by way too fast. With all the stops in Africa, we still have a lot to look forward to for sure.

Joe Daley lectured on the most famous explorer we never heard of....Zheng He. He was a Ming Dynasty Admiral who supposedly made Columbus look like an amateur.

The theme for tonight's formal was White.....everything white, such as the dining room decorations and our clothing. White is fun, but it is one night of dining that we were all very careful eating or drinking. Char, the future cruise consultant joined us for a fun evening of casual and robust conversations. The waiters and their assistants looked really cool in their white and pale pink vests and bow ties. The head waiters were in white tuxes with tails no less. It was obvious they enjoyed this affair as much as we all did.

The entertainer tonight was Dale Kristien, the star of Phantom of the Opera. Her name is familiar, and we believe we have been to her performances before. Still feeling the effects of the annoying head cold, we turned in early.

We did have nice surprises upon entering our room after dinner. There were two gifts setting on the bed that appeared to be pillows at first. They were two super plush throw blankets made of soft faux lamb's wool on one side, and velour on the opposite side. The matching zippered bag will even allow us to take the throws as a travel pillow if we so wish. It came with a message to unwind, relax, and enjoy. With today being day # 80 of this cruise, we have become masters at that task. Gifts.....well done.

Bill & Mary Ann

 At Sea

Fabulous day!!!!!!   Hot, hot, hot…..  Perfect day for the pool……  There was, fortunately, a very nice breeze to keep it comfortable.  I have really been enjoying these last few days at sea.  Soon we will be very busy exploring Africa so it is good to rest up.  Tomorrow, we visit the Seychelles, wonderful place….

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