Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise. day 56. Bali

Time is flying and today I really wished I was on the Amsterdam visiting Bali!  What a fun adventure!

The morning started as it usually does....Starbucks....only this morning instead of having our wonderful pumpkin and green tea, we had a banana and green tea!  Needless to say ....this did not work for us...then we went to QT and had a donut!  Okay okay this was not good!

Sandi and Irwin came bouncing into Starbucks and headed directly for the table next to us.  Sandi gave the two little boys each a box of Girl Scout cookies.  Of course the boys were ecstatic  while at our table thoughts of being "chopped liver" ran through our heads.  lol!

They were so cute and excited, especially the younger one.  So I decided to let them keep the cookies! lol!

We came home and I worked on the quilt and Vicki worked on her computer.                                                              


                                         " Okay are we done dancing now?"

Where we did not go today....but the AMSTERDAM DID!
 Bali, Indonesia 

As I previously mentioned, we were met at the port by our friend Made Arsawan who was taking us on a tour of his island…..   First, he took us to his home were we met his wife and mother…  great visit and a very lovely home.  Then it was off to Besakih Temple, the mother temple for the Hindus….  It was fabulous, even in the pouring rain.  We then made our way to Mt, Batur for some lovely scenery.  We then headed to the Ubud area where I have seen some of the most beautiful rice terraces,  Ubud itself is a fabulous village where artists abound.  It was a perfect day!  I split the photos of our day with Made in two parts, here is the first.


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