Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our World Cruise, DAY73, at sea!

Here we are again today.  Something went wrong because I lost one of the days in Singapore and now we are at sea again!  I guess it is a miracle that I have not screwed up before today! lol!

We were going to go to the low vision store  and then off to the mall....but we didn't!
Went to Curves, QT and then to Walgreen and then home.

We are working on Dr. Weil's 8 Weeks to Optimum Health.  One day on the program and my blood sugar went up to 166.  I will give it one more day! lol!  We had our little morning rounds with cranberries and it was very good!  Now we are having a protein dish for lunch with a banana.  Dinner tonight will be a black bean patty with a sweet potato and a salad!

After lunch I may just go and work on the quilt! I might even take a few pictures!
 And I might not! lol!

Today, my daughter, Tami got home from her 6 months active duty  in Washington DC.  Everyone is happy she is home and she starts a new job on Monday.  It was a nice adventure for her and she got to see a lot the President coming and going in Air Force 1 and then riding away in Marine 1.

I really need to get a burst of energy and accomplish something!  I am getting old for my age.  Where is mania when you need it most! lol!
      A non-profit has bought a house across from the anti-gay church and turned it into a gay-rights center, complete with a rainbow flag
The Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., might have finally met its match.
The church, which is known for its extreme ideologies and anti-gay views, now has a neighbor swathed in the rainbow colors of the gay pride flag.
Non-profit Planting Peace bought a house across from the church – notorious for its "God hates Fags" and "God hates America" slogans – and decided to turn it into a gay rights center, according to Gawker.com.
The house – which has been named "Equality House" – even has a pride flag flying from a 30-foot pole.This Westboro Baptist Church is well known for their picketing of fallen soldiers who are having their services in the U.S. The motorcycle group called The Patriot Guard.  The guard forms a protective line around the church that is having the funeral so that the family can have their fallen soldiers R.I.P.  These are pictures of the Patriot Guard in Wichita Kansas as they prepare to stand guard at a military funeral!  Tami drove into the lot where they were gathering and I was able to take these pictures!
The irony of this story is that the man who bought this house is not gay!


      You do not have to have a motorcycle to join the Patriot Guard, you can travel with the group and help form the Human shield for the soldiers and their families!                                                                         

Where we did not go today....but the Amsterdam did!
At Sea!


Today was a very hot and sunny day at sea as we make our way to Malaysia….  It  was so hot I gave up and went outside at 2:00.  I also included a photo from last night….  It seems that my chair in the dining room had to be personalized just for me.   My sister would have loved it!

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