Monday, March 18, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 72, Singapore

Here we are again and it looks like it is the same old stuff!

Picked up Irwin this morning as Sandi was going to the doctors.  We had a very nice visit with Irwin and soon it was time to move on!We went to curves and did our duty for the day.  Then we were off to Sprouts and picked up a few things....I forgot to take would think that we would have it down pat by now...Vicki did remember to take the bags in!  Yea for Vicki! lol!

Now we are at home and we have the doors open and it is suppose to be only in the 80's today.  It is beautiful outside today.  I might even take a picture! lol!

 This cactus was only 12 inches high 5 years it is threatening to lift the roof off!                                                                      

                    Vicki thinks that someday she will come out and sit on the patio and read a book!  lol!
                    No, I am not going to read a book...I will just take a  snooze!   lol!                                                            

Vicki is gone now to see her mother...hope it goes well...Vicki had a really bad night last night and should have stayed home and taken a nap.                                                                

Where we did not go today ....but the Amsterdam did!


It certainly was nice to get back home last night (ms Amsterdam)….  I headed out this morning to take a ride again on the Singapore Flyer, the world’s largest Ferris wheel.  The views from up there are fabulous!  After taking my ride and a gazillion photos, I headed over to the Marina Bay Sands.  My friends Brad & Gloria stayed there last night and they invited me over to check it out.  What a place!!!!  Their suite seemed as big as a house, just luxuriant…. The infinity pool on the top is magnificent, what a view.  After leaving there I headed over to Clarke Quay and then on the China Town.  It was so hot that I decided to call it a dayand headed back to the ship for a late lunch.  As soon as this is posted, it will be nap time, still recovering from the Cambodian adventure….

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