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Our 115 day World Cruise, day85, at sea!

Today is Easter Sunday and Irwin and Sandi were not at coffee.   Sandi is still not feeling well.  Vicki and I had a nice visit while having breakfast and watched all the people coming and going from Starbucks.  After we finished we went home for an hour and then headed out to Mark and Tami's.

We went to Fry's and got the things we needed for the relish tray, stopped at QT and we were on our way.  Tami started her new job this last Monday and she is working like crazy trying to have everything ready for the launch tomorrow of the new program at United Health Care called United Military and Veteran's Services.  Luckily we had some time with her and she was able to eat her dinner before she had to go back to work!

                                                    It is  really going to be  nice having dinner  with the family!

                             Vicki is having a talk with Mark, who is an OR nurse and he is telling her that she may have to be in the hospital for a few days after she has her procedure.  To say the least , she is shocked and not a happy camper!
          It is fun being here.  The pool looks beautiful...too bad the water is too cold to get into it!   It is suppose to be 88 degrees today!                                                                                  
                                                             It sure does look inviting!
                    Vicki is busy and we are enjoying watching the windmill behind her! lol!
                                  Everybody is busy on their iPhones and computers and they are allApples!
      I am not on the phone nor do I have an iPhone, Nana...but I will in June!  Aaron is my grandson!

This is Joshua, my other grandson and I think he is doing homework....and contributes to the conversation every now and then!
Rodney  is Mark's cousin and he joined us today for dinner.  He took some beautiful pictures of butterflies, with his iPhone 5!

Where we did not go today...but the Amsterdam did!           

Pictures of the day!  Taken yesterday by Kween Karen!





  Postcards from Paradise!

 Day at Sea
Today was a good day for being laid back and relaxed. The seas turned a bit rough with the winds picking up making deep swells. Of course with the winds blowing strong, the temperature cooled down somewhat. There were a few morning showers too. It was good walking weather and if you paid attention, you could watch the flying fish and some occassional dolphins flipping around the ship.

With yesterday's long tour, we got behind in the downloading of photos. So today was the perfect time to update everything. We sort of watched a movie, catching it in the middle, then starting at the beginning. They run continuously every two hours all day, so you can piece them together.

In the meantime, we tried to figure out a way to locate a new lens for our camera. We asked our port guide, Barbara, about the possibility of finding a photo shop in Richards Bay. She suggested that she could email the port agent, who should know where we can find one. Our biggest obstacle now is the fact that it is Friday, and Good Friday at that. The start of a long holiday weekend is upon us, so we can only hope for some news by tomorrow or Monday. Anyway, it was nice of her to offer to help.

Two lectures were given in the Queens Lounge. One was all about geckos, chameleons, and lemurs in Madagascar, delivered by George Sranko, a new speaker. The other talk was given by Lawrence Kuznetz about NASA. Barbara also spoke about things to do and see in Richards Bay.

Because of the high winds, we did not bother going to the pool this afternoon, at least not to sunbath. We did visit with friends while munching on ice cream cones outside. As luck would have it (or not), we both have a touch of the sniffles. We hesitate to take any medications for it, because we have started the anti-malarial meds. Worse comes to worse, we may be in for some sleepy periods during the day.

At dessert time tonight, friends Bill and Leta celebrated his birthday, even though it isn't until Sunday. Oh well, we all joined in the song and wished him a happy 80th. With that, they came over to our table and offered us their "birthday cake" which was really a very large keylime pie. Our waiter plated it up and served us the delicious treat. Good thing our Aussie buddies happened to visit, because they helped finished the pie up. While we were over-indulging, our waiters brought our desserts we had ordered. We'll have to walk 20 miles tomorrow!!

Looking forward to seeing the lemurs tomorrow in Nosy Be in Madagascar.

Mary Ann & Bill

 At Sea

This was our first of two sea days as we make our way to Mozambique….  It was a perfect day for sitting poolside.  I visited with friends, read and began packing for the big safari that we have coming up.  Day after tomorrow, we leave the ship in Maputo, Mozambique and head for Sabi Sands in South Africa for 3 nights at Cheetah Plains reserve for safaris.  Then we will fly to Port Elizabeth to go to Amakala Game Reserve for two nights and again, safaris.  We will return to the ship in Cape Town, South Africa.  I will bring my computer and try to blog as much as possible.  If not, I will catch up when I return to the ship.  In Cape Town, we plan on doing a Great White Shark cage dive…. Scary stuff.  I am so excited for the African adventure to begin….

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